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iTunes - Auto Launch when iPhone Connected


Was working on my cousin’s iPhone this past weekend.


This morning the quickest path to charging my phone is to connect it to my laptop. 153 more words


Is travel safe? #3

The number of coronavirus cases top 8 million globally. Some experts say we are currently facing the second wave. But some say we are right in the middle of the first wave. 220 more words


Duas investigadoras: uma primatóloga e uma historiadora social falam de animais

aqui escrevi sobre a forma infundada de como a Professa Raquel Varela se refere à relação dos humanos com os animais e, uma vez que, em resposta aos comentários face à intervenção que fez na televisão, a Professora escreveu um esclarecimento, achei importante, uma vez mais comentar o tema, desta vez trazendo uma ilustre convidada para a discussão, Jane Goodall. 394 more words

Job Openings - Opportunities

Hi – Don’t Miss – Simple and Quick Selection Process

Looking for .NET stream Developers with 1 to 10 years of experience with below skill set. 71 more words


New Batches - 14th May 2020

Hi All, Starting New Batches
  1. Cloud Computing using MS AZURE – AZ 203 & AZ 900 Certifications 
  2. ASP.NET Core with Web API

Don’t Miss to attend as these batches are not started regularly – Post any Queries you have in comments section… 38 more words


I Created A Board Game

I created a game, kinda. It comes of the back of reading bullshit lists like this one. That list gives the bored quarantiner 11 things to do when they’ve already done everything. 356 more words


In Pics: Uplifting Scenes of Solidarity From Around the World

The Coronavirus pandemic can feel frightening and overwhelming. But amid dank headlines, it’s not hard to find heartening scenes of solidarity, friendship and gratitude on large and small scales. 834 more words