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Disney Plus, Star Wars The Mandalorian, MCU Phase 4: What to expect at Disney's D23 Expo - CNET

After the packed Marvel announcements at Comic-Con, we’re mostly expecting new details about Disney Plus and maybe some sneak footage of Episode 9 (fingers crossed???).

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Mars microbes could spread across the planet via dust particles - CNET

If life did (or does) exist on the red planet, it could survive by travelling across planet on the wind.

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Facebook cracks down on more accounts tied to Myanmar's military - CNET

It’s the fourth time Facebook has removed Myanmar accounts for “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

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High-end EVs are more likely to cause a crash, report says - Roadshow

French insurance firm Axa claims that electric SUVs and luxury cars cause 40% more crashes than internal combustion-powered ones.

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DoorDash finally changes course, says delivery workers can keep their tips - CNET

One month after promising to change its tipping policy, the food-delivery company serves up specifics.

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