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Synergistic effects of hypoxia and increasing CO2 on benthic invertebrates of the central Chilean coast

Ocean acidification and hypoxic events are an increasing worldwide problem, but the synergetic effects of these factors are seldom explored. However, this synergetic occurrence of stressors is prevalent. 193 more words


Effects of food and CO2 on growth dynamics of polyps of two scyphozoan species (Cyanea capillata and Chrysaora hysoscella)

Increasing anthropogenic CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is altering sea water carbonate chemistry with unknown biological and ecological consequences. Whereas some reports are beginning to emerge on the effects of ocean acidification (OA) on fish, very little is known about the impact of OA on jellyfish. 251 more words


The Hitchhiking Anemone (Calliactis tricolor), May 2014

Calliactis tricolor, the Hitchhiking anemone
New Smyrna Beach in Volusia countyFlorida; May 2014
New Smyrna 2014 BioBlitz

When you think of sea anemones, you probably think of large, flowering, and brightly colored organisms growing amongst coral reefs, perhaps surrounded by a community of equally bright and colored fish. 462 more words


Jelly and Jam

Organisms in the Cnidaria phylum consist partly of a of mesoglea, a non-living jelly-like substance, hence the name. They are simple, free swimming creatures, with a non-central nerve net and simple receptors functioning as a neural center. 26 more words