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Strange Animal of the Week : "Flying Spaghetti Monster" of the Depths

Well, the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been known as the deity of the Pastafarianism as an opposition to the teaching of creationism in public schools. 116 more words

Under The Sun

The impact of CO2 emissions on 'nuisance' marine species (video & text)

Anthropogenic CO2 emissions are being taken up from the atmosphere by the oceans, increasing the availability of dissolved inorganic carbon but reducing both the carbonate saturation and pH of seawater. 291 more words


Carbonic anhydrase activity changes in response to increased temperature and pCO2 in Symbiodinium–zoanthid associations

Carbon dioxide (CO2) makes up less than 1% of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in the ocean. To acquire carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, many marine autotrophs rely on the enzyme carbonic anhydrase (CA) to catalyze the conversion of bicarbonate ions (HCO3−) to CO2. 236 more words


Differential carbon utilization and asexual reproduction under elevated pCO2 conditions in the model anemone, Exaiptasia pallida, hosting different symbionts

Here we report the effects of elevated pCO2 on the model symbiotic anemone Exaiptasia pallida and how its association with three different strains of the endosymbiotic dinoflagellate Symbiodinium minutum (ITS2-type B1) affects its response. 181 more words


Oral Disk of the Giant Green Anemone, Anthopleura xanthogrammica

An intimate view of the monochromatic oral disk surface of A. xanthogrammica. The flat topography of the disk is interrupted by a large opening though which food passes and undigested material is expelled. 39 more words

Oregon Coast

Jellyfish WIP (2)

jellyfish drawing, work-in-progress

Here are some more jellyfish work-in-progress pics. I’m gradually working towards making a new silkscreen print in this ongoing ‘animal diorama’ series…

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Responses of the sea anemone, Exaiptasia pallida, to ocean acidification conditions and copper exposure

Ocean acidification (OA) is a growing concern due to its deleterious effects on aquatic organisms. Additionally, the combined effects of OA and other local stressors like metal pollution are largely unknown. 234 more words