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Don't be jelly; Casting an eye over Cnidarians


Cnidarians, they are not a part of the marvel universe like asgardians. I’m terribly sorry. Cnidarians are a ‘group’ (or a phylum in this case) in biology. 1,458 more words


Sarlaccs: The Nature of the Beast


As explorers have pushed out from the core worlds, they have increasingly encountered species either unknown or poorly documented within the research literature. Most often this is due to the relative isolation of the planets where the species occurs – for example, little research has been done on the wampas of Hoth because the planet is both inaccessible and hostile to researchers. 2,617 more words


Phylum Cnidaria/Coelenterata

Kingdom: Animalia

Habitat: aquatic, mostly marine.

Habit: solitary or colonial. Each individual is known as zooid.

Symmetry: radially symmetrical

Grade of organization… 276 more words


Eye See You

By Elizabeth Diaz

It amazes me just how diverse and specialized organisms can be.  Take for instance, the jellyfish. They look like seemingly simple, often translucent, blobs that swim by extending their exumbrella surface and then bringing it close. 645 more words


Expression of homing endonuclease gene and insertion-like element in sea anemone mitochondrial genomes: lesson learned from Anemonia viridis


• We report complete mitochondrial genome sequences and corresponding mito-transcriptomes of the two related sea anemone species Anemonia viridis and Anemonia majano 186 more words

Elucidating the small regulatory RNA repertoire of the sea anemone Anemonia viridis based on whole genome and small RNA sequencing

Cnidarians harbor a variety of small regulatory RNAs that include microRNAs (miRNAs) and PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs), but detailed information is limited. Here, we report the identification and expression of novel miRNAs and putative piRNAs, as well as their genomic loci, in the symbiotic sea anemone… 230 more words