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Egg Yolk Jellyfish

Phacellophora camtschatica, the Egg Yolk Jelly. Just by looking at it, you can tell where it got its name! These jellyfish can reach a size of about two feet across, with tentacles 20 feet long. 10 more words

Mystery Revealed: A Common Coral in Arkansas

It is the unfortunate fact of life that volunteer efforts are all too often derailed by other pursuits. Such is the case for last week’s Mystery Monday fossil. 701 more words


Beauty on a Dark Day

Cruising on the remote, outer Central Coast of BC, we had anchored in a cove on Stryker Island. It was an utterly gray day with an almost steady rain, so I declined the invitation to go paddling. 369 more words


Compass Jellyfish

Chrysaora hysoscella,  the Compass Jelly, is common to the waters of the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. Its radially symmetric line markings give it its name. 30 more words

Biogeochemical implications of decomposing jellyfish blooms in a changing climate

Jellyfish often exhibit ‘boom and bust’ population dynamics whereby they proliferate rapidly and then die en masse and decompose. The few studies that have investigated post-bloom processes have not studied how changing ocean conditions will alter rates of decomposition. 250 more words