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Reduced pH affects pulsing behaviour and body size in ephyrae of the moon jellyfish, Aurelia aurita

Our understanding of how reduced seawater pH affects the behaviour and growth of scyphozoan jellyfish is poor. Here, we investigated the effects of simulated Ocean Acidification (OA) (pH = 7.6 for 7 d) on pulsing behaviour (as an index of swimming behaviour) and aspects of the morphology of ephyrae of the moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita. 173 more words


Friday Fellow: Deep-sea marr

by Piter Kehoma Boll

Looking like some sort of tribal mystic rattle, our newest Friday Fellow comes from the deep waters in the northern hemisphere. Its scientific name is  239 more words

Friday Fellow

Differences in the responses of three scleractinians and the hydrocoral Millepora platyphylla to ocean acidification

We tested the hypothesis that taxonomically diverse cnidarians display dissimilar responses to ocean acidification (OA), and did so by comparing the individual responses to OA of one hydrocoral and three scleractinians. 177 more words


Ernst Haeckel: Happy birthday to one of the greatest scientific illustrators

To continue with another biological birthday, today would have been Ernst Haeckel’s 182nd celebration. Haeckel is undoubtedly one of the most talented and influential illustrators in the history of biology, and produced beautiful images for many zoological and botanical works of great importance including ‘The Art Forms of Nature’. 72 more words

Anatomy Snippet

Forever Young: Hydrozoan “Reverse Development” By Shreya Jaiswal

I’m about to graduate college, and though I am still young, the new set of responsibilities have made me increasingly aware of my age. Imagine my relief this week in invertebrate biology when we had the chance to observe hydroids, cnidarians in the class Hydrozoa and, as it turns out, masters of immortality. 732 more words