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Survey of Cnidarian gene expression profiles in response to environmental stressors: summarizing 20 years of research, what are we heading for?

Coral research has come a long way since the pioneering coral biology studies of thermal tolerance dating back to the turn of the previous century. In great contrast, at the present time, the currently available in silico technologies enable the entire transcriptome to be surveyed in a high-throughput manner following an array of stress manipulations. 247 more words


In Focus: What is the Portuguese Man-O'-War?

Our guest post this week comes from Emei Ma, a scientific artist. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please get in touch on… 753 more words


Withstanding multiple stressors: ephyrae of the moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita, Scyphozoa) in a high-temperature, high-CO2 and low-oxygen environment

Global change is affecting marine ecosystems through a combination of different stressors such as warming, ocean acidification and oxygen depletion. Very little is known about the interactions among these factors, especially with respect to gelatinous zooplankton. 196 more words


Ocean acidification alters fish–jellyfish symbiosis

Symbiotic relationships are common in nature, and are important for individual fitness and sustaining species populations. Global change is rapidly altering environmental conditions, but, with the exception of coral–microalgae interactions, we know little of how this will affect symbiotic relationships. 245 more words


Of Frog Eyes and Jellyfish Tentacles

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In 1901, Hans Spemann revolutionized biology by doing something very strange. 2,252 more words


Reduced pH affects pulsing behaviour and body size in ephyrae of the moon jellyfish, Aurelia aurita

Our understanding of how reduced seawater pH affects the behaviour and growth of scyphozoan jellyfish is poor. Here, we investigated the effects of simulated Ocean Acidification (OA) (pH = 7.6 for 7 d) on pulsing behaviour (as an index of swimming behaviour) and aspects of the morphology of ephyrae of the moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita. 173 more words