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Margaret Thatcher made an impression on pop culture

As Britain’s first and so far only female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher often found herself under the glare of showbiz lights.

Though she herself was not an actress. 283 more words


Acceptance speech needed? JA,N's all over it

With the Emmy Awards set to air on Sunday, we’re anxiously awaiting at least one entertaining acceptance speech at the ceremony.

So for those stars who still haven’t written a stand-in speech (and who are clearly spending that precious Emmys prep time reading this blog), no need to sweat it — there may still be time to enroll in “JA,N’s Emmy Speech Master Class.” 76 more words


Sarah Paulson didn't sleep through her Emmy nom

Sarah Paulson was not one of those actresses who was caught restfully unaware of her Emmy nomination.

“I wasn’t expecting it to happen, but I wasn’t sleeping peacefully either,” said Paulson, who was nominated for outstanding supporting actress for her performance as Nicole Wallace in HBO’s “Game Change.” “I don’t want to make it sound like I was cool as a cucumber. 128 more words


Bill Bellamy on being 'Crazy Sexy Dirty,' and why he doesn't make it rain

Bill Bellamy has no problem owning up to the fact that he is “Crazy Sexy Dirty.”

“I am actually all of those things,” said Bellamy, who titled his… 365 more words


Adele keeps mum on pregnancy - and we love it

In the reports surfacing this week that Adele might be further along in her pregnancy than previously presumed is another example of how the British chanteuse has turned into the anti-celebrity. 279 more words


'Dallas' makes a comeback -- what other shows do you want to return?

“Dallas” premieres Wednesday night on TNT (which is owned by the same parent company as CNN), and the resurrection of the primetime soap got us thinking: what other series do we wish would return to the small screen, picking up where they left off? 320 more words


Watch out Bar Refaeli, Colbert's coming for you

Bar Refaeli may be numero uno on Maxim’s Hot 100 list, but there’s someone who may have that spot in their sights.

Stephen Colbert, host of “The Colbert Report,” snagged the No. 121 more words