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Monday's Headlines

Since the story first came out, more information has come to light about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian Attorney from last year; including the identities of the other parties present at the meeting. 498 more words


Steve Cochran Full Show 07.24.17: Don't stare at the sun!

After a busy weekend, we are back at it! Dr. Kevin Most tells us all we need to know about sleep apnea. Joshua Green joined us to discuss his new book about Steve Bannon entitled… 66 more words

Steve Cochran

My Take On The CNN Protest Against Fake News: July 22, 2017

Last Saturday, July 22, 2017 … people who are tired of all the fake news, the slander and the assassination of innocent people’s character, came together … in protest … in front on the… 507 more words

Debbie Barth

The New York Times and their sick agenda

In Trump’s world, the new axis of evil, are the Washington Post and the New York Times.   I considered Trump’s tweet on Qatar as a supporter of terrorism  the worse of all tweets.   609 more words