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Why Is 4/20 The Stoners Holiday?

What is it about 4/20 that makes for a stoners holiday?

Let’s face it… Stoners don’t need a holiday to blaze.

They just need some trees and a fire source with some papers or a bowl or a bong. 349 more words

Watch John Oliver Talk About Patents And The End Of The World

This week on the HBO show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, they talk about two things that the geeks and nerds should care about.  The first video is about patents, and the abuse of them.   152 more words

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Blue Bell Ice Cream Recalls All Products Over Listeria Concerns

After weeks of gradual recalls, Blue Bell Creameries is now pulling all of its products off the shelves.

The company is recalling its entire line of ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and other frozen snacks because they could be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, the company said Monday. 328 more words


A Funhouse Mirror

Today was my day off.  I spent most of the evening recording a home demo, as I’m trying to get things as mapped out as possible before I hit the studio later this year.   194 more words


Caliphate News Network

The other day, CNN had a cover image on their website trying to scare people as per their standard MO, but this time the topic was domestic terrorism, and they were focusing on the top threats to US citizens. 243 more words


Intentional Ingestion (i)

In a perfect world, people would think twice about the garbage they willingly allow into their bodies.

There are two segments* of the population that willingly ingest some of the most toxic garbage on earth: 538 more words

This, That, & The Other

Jake Tapper embraces full transparency

CNN anchor Jake Tapper does speaking events, on occasion, at colleges and highschools, always for free.

But he deviated from that pattern, and he accepted a speaking fee. 272 more words