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How an Oxford comma changed this court case completely

I’m dedicating this post to Lorelei Logsdon, my dear editor, whose love of the Oxford comma made her send me the meme on the right. 273 more words

Random Musings

Breaking: Las Vegas on Lockdown, Shooting Leaves 1 dead, 1 Wounded

via CNN

The man who authorities say shot two people, killing one, on a bus in Las Vegas surrendered without incident Saturday after a standoff that lasted more than four hours, police spokesman Larry Hadfield told reporters. 87 more words


Your Lying Eyes

Old news now, but the illustrious Rachel Maddow dropped some tax return info.

Funny how practically every attempt to hit him on something ends up backfiring. 204 more words

Donald Trump

CNN: Jason Johnson on GOP Failure to Pass Trumpcare

On CNN Newsroom with Christi Paul and Victor Blackwell, Morgan State professor Jason Johnson, GOP strategist Brian Robinson and Real Clear Politics reporter Rebecca Berg discussed the failure of House Republicans to vote on the repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act.

Part 1

Part 2

Jason Johnson On Television

Did Trump want the healthcare bill to fail?

Its easy to tell when President Trump is pissed. You can see it in his eyes, and you can read it in his tweets.

I noticed something interesting when I saw Trump answering questions after he was forced to pull his healthcare bill upon failing to secure enough votes for its passage. 353 more words

Chuck Schumer "We're Sad They Won't Work With Us To Improve Obamacare"

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are complete liars. Schumer stated in an interview with Wolf Blitzer that the Democrats weren’t celebrating this as a victory and that he’s sad Republicans won’t work with Democrats on Obamacare. 157 more words