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Just Like CNN, We Wonder What Message is Being Sent to the Soccer Kids of America

That headline appears on the linked CNN article. To be fair, the article itself doesn’t seem to match up entirely with the “soccer kids” headline. 208 more words


Mexicanos, los que más navegan en sitios de Gobierno

Los mexicanos invierten 11 minutos en páginas oficiales, superando el promedio de América Latina; el sitio del SAT es el más visitado, con 1.7 millones de visitantes únicos en el último año. 9 more words


Google Maps se mete a Bellas Artes

La tecnológica digitalizó la edificación designada como patrimonio de la humanidad por la Unesco; a través de Street View los usuarios podrán recorrer todos los pasillos del palacio. 9 more words


Say it isn't so ...

So, I got an email on Monday, saying oh… there’s more that Justin Gammill has to share about “natural flavorings,” turns out , so do I. 528 more words


Wired Wednesday

Industry is looking in the smallest places for inspiration on working tech. These new robots mimic ants, butterflies, and lizards in the effort to creating better working machines. 8 more words

Monmouth County

It's Just a Door

Allow me to get on my feminist bandwagon for a minute. Over morning coffee I watched CNN’s Carol Costello interview Mindy Finn, the founder of “Empowered Women,” a right wing lobbyist group trying to co-opt the word “feminist” to include “center-right” women. 518 more words

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