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Why Trump is Right and Wrong about Anonymous Sources

On one hand you have to give it to him.  When Trump says if you don’t like him to “say it to my face”, we’ve all see how he walks that walk.   208 more words

Donald Trump

Four Examples of MSM Bias & Fake News

Here are just a few examples of media bias and fake news from just the last few weeks.

First, we have George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.” The guest is Stephen Miller from the Trump Administration, and George is engaging in a tactic that goes like this… 808 more words

Donald Trump

Why the Old Stream Media Concocted the Term "Fake News"

Fake news might be the most talked about and clichéd phrase used today. The phrase was conceived by the old stream media; CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, etc. 454 more words


2017 Livery Review | McLaren

By far the biggest change in terms of livery from 2016 to 2017 is McLaren, who by popular demand have gone back to their roots with a new beautiful orange and black design. 422 more words


Sean Spicer, Spokesperson for Trump, Admitted Trump is a Dictator!

Sean Spicer is the Press Secretary for Donald Trump.  As the White House Press Secretary Spicer is the senior White House official whose primary responsibility is to… 281 more words

CNN Does Puff Piece To Prove That Town Hall Protesters Aren't Astroturfed

CNN is a special kind of evil. A multibillion-dollar media enterprise that will purposefully lie to the face of the American people daily.

In the segment below, CNN documents the rowdy town halls this last week and examines the claim by Republicans that they are “astroturfed.” If you’re not familiar with the term, astroturfing is when a politically motivated and funded group pays protesters to participate in rallies and town halls to bring more attention to an issue or event. 890 more words


The White House intensifies attacks against the media, calling it the enemy of the people and barring several outlets from a daily press briefing

Trump calls the fake news media the enemy of the people. Bannon calls the press the opposition party. Spicer says that banning the free press is what dictators do, and then does exactly that. 729 more words