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The Wage Gap: By The Numbers

469- According to CNN Money, it takes 469 days for a woman to make the same amount of money as a man makes in a single year. 60 more words


China grants Trump dozens of new trademarks

Nine of the applications were approved on Feb. 27, and 25 were approved on Monday, according to Chinese trademark documents reviewed by CNN. The Trump Organization, President Trump’s company, applied for 38 trademarks in China in April 2016, during the presidential campaign. 54 more words


White House blocks news organizations from press briefing

There was no immediate explanation from the White House. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Politico were also excluded from the meeting, known as a gaggle. 75 more words


CNNMoney Presents The American Dream: New York

Is the American Dream still possible?

In CNNMoney’s new multi-part documentary series, The American Dream: New York, CNN correspondent Cristina Alesci speaks to New York’s most successful offspring to find out how living in New York during the first half of the twentieth century shaped their drive for success. 100 more words


Howard Stern: Trump wants to be loved, presidency will be 'detrimental' to his mental health

Stern and Trump are long-time friends, with Trump making numerous appearances on Stern’s radio show over the years. “I personally wish that he had never run, I told him that, because I actually think this is something that is gonna be detrimental to his mental health too, because, he wants to be liked, he wants to be loved,” Stern said. 34 more words


CNNMoney Switzerland studio space in the works

CNN International Commercial and MediaGo announced their partnership a little over a week and a half ago on CNNMoney Switzerland, which is being billed as the first nationwide TV channel dedicated to business news for and about Switzerland. 76 more words


Tesla Motors has officially changed its name to Tesla

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Tesla Motors has officially changed its name to Tesla

According to CNNMoney, Tesla Motors, Inc. has officially dropped the word “Motors” from its name to become… 121 more words