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Americans Hate The Subject Of Taxes But We The People Pay More On Taxes Than Food And Clothing Combined

Just think for a moment that after The American Revolutionary war our infant nation had no means of paying its debts. When the war ended, the United States had spent $37 million at the national level and $114 million at the state level. 490 more words

After The Commencement Of The War In Afghanistan 16 Years Ago No United States President Should Have To Still Be Talking About It In A Presidential Address

What a terrible day that was September 11, 2001 which I remember exactly what I was doing (can’t talk about it) as well I am sure you patriots remember as well, how the hell can anyone forget, I would compare it to the assassination of President John Kennedy in it’s tragicness of somber state. 821 more words

CNS News blocks opposing views to the point of destroying their site.

I have been blocked for trying to express nothing but decent, honest, American views at CNS News.com over TWENTY times.

They have at this point, blocked/banned  so many users, it is a sad echo chamber, of only Pro Republican swine, talking to one another, with no recourse to facts or decency. 19 more words

Blocked By Cnsnews.com Over 20 Times