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Incremental Development 101: Prezi

I recently gave a presentation on Incremental Development, from an introductory perspective.

I made the presentation in Prezi, and have uploaded it for any and all to see, here: … 313 more words


August Happy Hour: Photos

The August Happy Hour was another great event, joined by numerous groups including MyHouston2040.

If you missed it, here are some pictures. The night included several musical performances, TED-style talks on the Houston Mayoral race and Incremental Development 101. 17 more words


What to do Post-Boot-Camp? Fly Casual.

Step 1: Go to boot camp, and get super-excited about being a small developer.
Step 2: Play it cool. How? Do what Han Solo says, “Fly casual.” 165 more words


August CNU Happy Hour - Rudyard's Pub August 20th

The August CNU Houston Happy Hour will be held Thursday, August 20th at Rudyard’s Pub. Our event is in conjunction with My Houston 2040’s event, “Get Out the Get Out!” a civic-engagement party! 128 more words


B1A4新歌Sweet Girl 女神泫雅Jessica都like爆

B1A4最近以全新輕熟男造型回歸,為粉絲們攜上最新專輯《Sweet Girl》。8月10日公開的MV中,B1A4 五子化身成為甜蜜大男孩,現身在童話般的夢境世界,心動的唯美畫面令人不得不尖叫。

今次專輯全碟都由B1A4成員親自創作,主打曲”Sweet Girl”描述了對戀人在命運的安排下一見鍾情並展開追求對方及告白,曲風是偏朋克風格但同時不失甜蜜溫柔。歌曲完整版未公開已經被選為在8月4日至11日期間韓國10-19歲青少年聽得最多的一首歌。而另一首受關注的是“10年後”,這首歌則講述了隊長真英在回歸前空白期間自覺變得懶散,從而幻想自己10年後的樣子來警惕自己要更積極過充實人生。

B1A4為答謝粉絲們一直以來的支持, 在早前的《偶像明星運動會》錄影中成員們自掏腰包買了200份便當請來錄影的粉絲們吃,令粉絲們相當感動。為了爭取更多與粉絲見面的機會,回歸海報中預告了會有一連串與粉絲們同慶的活動,就讓我們一同期待B1A4會繼續帶給BANA們什麼驚喜吧!

這張專輯火熱程度席捲全球,就連最近公開了Teaser再次性感回歸的泫雅及前少女時代前成員Jessica 都在自己instagram 上載相片叫大家一起聽。B1A4… 9 more words


B1A4's new song "Sweet Girl" well-liked by Artistes such as Hyuna and Jessica

B1A4 recently did a comeback with a young, fresh and mature mature with their new album, ‘Sweet Girl‘. In their newest MV which was release on 10th August, the five members of… 352 more words