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Vermiculture Composting

Vermiculture is the process of using worms to decompose organic food waste, turning the waste into a nutrient-rich material capable of supplying necessary nutrients to help sustain plant growth.

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When is it Right to Co-author a Project?

By Alexa Padgett

This question has been on my mind for months. There are a couple of genres I’m interested in pursuing, but I have no current readers in those markets. 339 more words

Works In Progress

Getting back into the swing of things

Hello again friends and readers.

Another week passes, and what do I have to show for it? Well quite a bit actually.

The writing is going well, and we’re back at it at full speed. 778 more words

Hello from the Silent Partner

Anyone who has been paying attention to the pages for the books may have noticed something odd. My name has been retroactively added as co-author to the earlier books. 466 more words

Co-author questions Trump's grip on reality

Tony Schwartz, co-author of “The Art of the Deal,” gives his opinion on Donald Trump’s recent behavior.
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Pardon Me, Pardner — But You’re In My Space

Sharing Work Space and Partnering with Other Authors

By Jeff Salter

This week, we’re blogging about sharing — who we’d share writing space with and who we’d want as co-authors. 1,135 more words

The Faceless

After months of ups and downs, countless moments of unbridled joy when two pieces of the story came together, followed quickly by the crushing realization that a different piece of the story didn’t quite fit, it’s finally over. 277 more words