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Blogging at Another Website

I’m adding industry news to a site I developed (external link) to support my book proposal on Nevada agriculture.

My original thought was that NevadaAg.com would be a simple site, just a skeleton to show a… 80 more words

A quick introduction into collection datatypes in Python

In this article (which is short for its contents) I give a quick introduction into Python 3’s collection datatypes like tuples, lists, sets and dictionaries. 32 more words

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Migrating from Python 2 to 3

Again a co-authoring blog article. Here I give a quick introduction how you can migrate your existing Python 2 application to Python 3 and what are some cases which are not covered by the provided migration tool. 15 more words

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Closures in Python 3

I have co-authored an article on DiscoverSDK about closures in Python 3. I think this is an interesting topic and you can benefit from taking a look. 14 more words

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Parallel processing in Python

Another co-authored article at DiscoverSDK. I address the topic of parallel processing with threads in Python 3. This is good for I/O bound tasks, but does not bring the performance-gain for CPU-bound tasks. 33 more words

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Generators in Python 3

This is again a co-authored article where I introduce Generators of Python 3.

You can read the entry here: http://www.discoversdk.com/blog/generators-in-python-3

Happy learning!

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New things in Python 3.5

Another co-authored article about new things you can find in Python 3.5. Naturally this is only an excerpt and the main asynchronous features are left out (for that I am planning a separate article). 14 more words

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