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The Crop

I opened my eyes to the poorly lit interior of a canvas tent. A woman in a blood stained nurse’s uniform was standing over me with a clipboard in one hand and a cigarette in the other. 2,321 more words


Trump’s Co-Author Speaks: Donald Is a Sociopath

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has waved around his book, The Art of the Deal, to bolster his image as a smooth negotiator and skilled leader. 506 more words

Daily News

Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful 2 - Compiler & Publisher

Did you know that confidence is crucial to you successfully achieving your dreams? Or even taking the actions necessary to walk in your greatness? In Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful 2, the third book of the Tainted Elegance series, thirty-two women from around the globe take you on their journeys toward accepting their flaws, embracing their scars, and learning to love who they are. 129 more words

I Am: Love, Wisdom & Guidance through Soul Reflection - Co-Author

Within these powerful pages, 28 courageous souls expose their deepest secrets and experi- ences – to provide you with non-judgmental and understanding love, non-authoritative wisdom gained through hindsight, and practical guidance to help heal your soul and move you forward along your journey through life. 90 more words

Proxy Design Pattern

Again some co-authoring on Javabeginners Tutorial.

Now I have written about the proxy design pattern.

You can read the full article here: http://javabeginnerstutorial.com/design-pattern/proxy-design-pattern/


Software Development

Facade Design Pattern

I have written an article as a co-author on a different blog about the facade design pattern.

You can find the whole article here: http://javabeginnerstutorial.com/design-pattern/facade-design-pattern/

Happy learning!

Software Development

Iterator Design Pattern

A co-authored article about the iterator design pattern can be found here: http://javabeginnerstutorial.com/design-pattern/iterator-design-pattern/

Again, written by me but published on a different website.

Software Development