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Pinch: Chapter 4

F.P.W.?  Seriously?  Could I really have bumped into, of all people, the mysterious Felix P. Willowtree?  I had to find out more about this guy.  He was practically stalking me, for Pete’s sake!  339 more words

Pinch: Chapter 3

Trust me, I know. I know that it sounds like something right out of a Nora Roberts book. And, trust me again; it felt that way as well. 266 more words

Pinch: Chapter 2

Doorbell ringing. What?

“Hannah!  I know you’re in there!” 

Oh no, not Mrs. Crumpet.  Cordelia Crumpet, my well-meaning but perpetually interfering next-door neighbor was at the door, and there was no getting away from Cordelia Crumpet once she decided to zero in on you.  277 more words

Pinch: Chapter 1

“Dr. Felix P. Willowtree. Call when you’re in a pinch.” That’s all it said.

Well, and a phone number of course.

I found this strange little business card in the tip jar at the end of my shift at The Sundown Grille–the bar where I work–last night. 272 more words

Dial A Guru Series

Calling all Authors-In-Waiting

As well as my own writing, I also had the pleasure of contributing to four published co-authored books all centred around personal and business health and wellbeing. 273 more words

Dawn Campbell

Writing as a Team

For my husband and I, writing as a team isn’t all that difficult. Of course, there are squabbles about certain scenes, but we generally work them out within a half hour, each of us expressing our views and finding a way to make them both work. 243 more words