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Pinch: Chapter 11

“We entered into a contract, of sorts, Mr. Willowtree and I.” my aunt continued. “To save the Admiral, I had to give Felix something. I gave him the same gift he gave my precious cat: life. 237 more words

Pinch: Chapter 10

“Mr. Willowtree has been, well, I guess you could call him our family ghost,” she began, settling back into the couch.  “The stories go back generations, long before our family came to the States.” 292 more words

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Il se trouve que ce blog me permet seulement d’avoir une connexion personnelle sur WordPress. Je suis en effet co-auteur sur le blog suivant : … 28 more words


Pinch: Chapter 9

Just as I was starting to feel like I’d lost my mind, Mrs. Crumpet, of all people, assured me that I had not.

“Willowtree?” I managed to stammer out while Mrs. 353 more words

Pinch: Chapter 7

Huffing and puffing out of the library like the frustrated creature I was, I hardly heard Cindy’s futile attempt to call after me. But it was impossible to not hear, “Miss! 269 more words

Pinch: Chapter 6

“Hi Cindy,” I greeted the small (pocket-sized, as she liked to call it), curly-haired librarian ensconced behind the circulation desk of our local library.  Brilliant green eyes sparkled up at me from behind turquoise-rimmed glasses. 409 more words

Pinch: Chapter 4

F.P.W.?  Seriously?  Could I really have bumped into, of all people, the mysterious Felix P. Willowtree?  I had to find out more about this guy.  He was practically stalking me, for Pete’s sake!  339 more words