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Today's the Big Day!

Well it’s finally here! After countless emails back and forth across the Atlantic. After months of writing, rewriting, editing, rewriting, editing, waiting breathlessly on beta readers thoughts, tossing ideas about book covers back and forth and trying to find all the errors, our work is finally available on Amazon! 225 more words


Co-op Writing


This has been a challenging request I have presented to quite a few people, and the request was merely to work on a story or a bigger writing project with another person. 202 more words

Introduction to AngularJS

It seems that currently I am co-authoring blogs and do not write here very much (one article in months) but I guess you get the same quality of articles every time — even on other sites. 13 more words

Software Development

Introduction to Spring and Hibernate -- Part 2

After the first article the second is out now. In this article I convert the first example to a self-contained and runnable Spring Boot application with a RESTful endpoint. 30 more words

Software Development

Python tutorials

Seems like the site where I co-author a Python 3 tutorial changed a bit so now these tutorials are missing. So I stop posting the links to them because a 404 is not what you want to see I guess. 24 more words

Software Development

Python 3 tutorial - Part 2

The second part of this tutorial is about how to install Python under Windows. That’s because Windows is hard to manage and you have to do extra clicks or configuration to have Python in your Path. 13 more words

Software Development

Python 3 tutorial - Part 1

I am co-authoring in a blog a Python tutorial for beginners with the usage of Python 3 (3.5 to be more exact).

You can find the article here: … 7 more words

Software Development