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Nothing more than the live in nanny
That also brings home a check
No employment laws to protect
From the foul mouth I get
Single moms and dads scoff ‘she has it easy’ 175 more words

As many of you already know, I am all for figuring out how we can disagree in a healthy way, how we can have many different, opposing views and still co-exist in a healthy way.

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Didintle Ntsie

Dogs and Cats living in harmony (or at least co-existing!)


Many people choose ONE species to share their home with and become either a “cat” or a “dog” person. I often hear people say that they want to adopt a cat, but they have a dog, or the other way around. 671 more words

Have Some Pride

About a month and a half to 2 months ago, they repainted our main hallway.  I assume that they do that a few times a year.   471 more words

Just Life