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Startup issues: Money? Get real.

Startup issues: Money? Get real.

“Startup issues” are about my journey to starting a business, and the detours I’m taking on the way.

I wonder, is it because I’m a woman or because I’m 23 that everyone expected me to burst into tears as soon as I didn’t get my way? 669 more words


Developing Social Enterprise in Sri Lanka

A few years ago I felt like I was in a ‘do or die’ situation: dramatic I know, but I had to go away, take myself out of my situation and go somewhere (and do something) totally different. 904 more words


Watch the First Trailer for New Steve Jobs Movie Starring Michael Fassbender

Universal has released the first trailer for new Steve Jobs biopic of the same name, but the studio isn’t giving very much away.

Directed by Danny Boyle, who won an Oscar for… 79 more words

Startup issues: Am I the only one who cares?

Startup issues: Am I the only one who cares?

Telling people you’re going to start your own company often sounds more impressive than it actually is. 562 more words


Finding a Co Founder

I have two large tasks that I’m concentrating on at the moment. One is building the MVP, as I discussed the other day. The other is finding a co founder. 285 more words


To Whom It May Concern

I typically hate starting with “To Whom It May Concern”, but when I don’t know who I’m writing and the person is asking for a general letter of recommendation from me, I work with what I got.   320 more words

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