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Chọn người giống mình hay khác mình?

Có lẽ nên chọn người cùng chí hướng nhưng khác chuyên môn thì tốt hơn. Người cũng chí hướng, cùng tham vọng sẽ dễ làm việc với nhau. 62 more words

Làm Giàu

Co-Founder Anna Speaks: Thank you for 2015

Looking back over the last year, one word springs to mind – ‘incredible’. It was the year that _SocialStarters really came to life, the year our start-up journey began and if I think about what we managed to achieve in the last year, it really seems unbelievable. 227 more words

Meet The Team

Co-Founder Andrea Speaks: Sticking to the things we have learned

I think I’ve said quite a bit throughout the year about how it feels to have so much support for our humble little idea to make an impact in the lives of those who need it. 227 more words

Thought Leadership

Rishi Chowdhury: My Startup Story

In July 2013 myself and a colleague at my old company, Huddle, decided that buying a bus would be a good idea. So good in fact that a couple months later I had left my job and was back on the startup journey! 630 more words