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Kevin Rose Just Lost His Co-Founder in North to Political App Brigade

Marc Hemeon, the former Google designer who co-founded the app incubator North, is moving on to a new project. He has left his partner, Kevin Rose, the founder of the once-popular news aggregator Digg, to join… 211 more words


Finding a Partner

Finding a partner in crime is probably the most thought question in the startup world.  It’s hard to make it on your own, and risk is lessened with more people involved.   486 more words


Gabe Toro, CinemaBlend

The rumors cycled through the weekend and dismayed all of us. The word was that Studio Ghibli was dead, finally fallen victim to an indifferent public and slowly-diminished global interest in hand-drawn animation. 74 more words


Alphabet will be game-changer in Technology Space

Alphabet, a new holding company of Google, is going to create a new dimension in the era of digital world. During the last three years, Google has developed so many emerging technologies which are going to have much importance in the coming days. 75 more words


Nowadays it’s a pretty safe bet that we’d associate the word coffee with Keurig or Starbucks, but not too long ago there was another name synonymous with a hot cup of joe: Mr. 57 more words

Baltimore Area CEO Wants To Raise Awareness About Data Security

Robert Olsen, Co-Founder and CEO of North Star Group LLC and its affiliate, Comprehensive Applied Security Solutions (COMPASS), with offices in both Baltimore and DC, recommend that following a data breach, “it is best to tell it all, tell it fast, and tell the truth” to minimize damage to both reputation and to customers. 427 more words


Top 5 tips for dating your co-founder

Co-Founders: They are the secret of success for many startups and equal reasons for failure for many startups. Finding a founder is like marrying a girl – you have to know each other first, understand each other, go for few dates and finally marry. 557 more words