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Armoured One Co-Founder/CEO Tom Czyz is Today's Honoree

Tom is a SWAT Team Operator and former Homicide Detective who is a father of 6 and husband to a city high school teacher. He began Armoured One because he realized after the Sandy Hook attack in 2012 that he could not keep his own kids safe while they were at school. 280 more words

Today's Honoree

Reddit Co-Founder: My Wife Serena Williams And I Want Our Daughter ‘To Be Bored’ | CNBC

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian joins a growing list of tech luminaries who believe that limiting screen time fosters better psychological and social development.

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Speaking to customers comes first

I know what it’s like when a bunch of people you’ve only just met start encouraging you to do things that seem a bit out of your comfort zone. 764 more words

Social Enterprise Consultant

WhatsApp co-founder joins call to #DeleteFacebook as fallout intensifies - The Guardian

The way I look at this is very simple. If I go to a restaurant and I get food poisoning I don’t go back to that restaurant until I know that they have changed their methods and have remove the staff that cause this from happening in the first place. 201 more words


FB CEO Zuckerberg speaks on Cambridge Analytical Scandal Finally

Mark Zuckerberg writes the policies that allowed the inappropriate use of the data is “a breach of trust between Facebook and the people.”

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of social site Facebook spoke few days after the Cambridge Analytical Scandal.

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Peter Peterson, Blackstone Group LP’s co-founder dies at 91

Peter Peterson along with Stephen Schwarzman co-founded Blackstone in 1985 with a starting capital of $200,000.

Peter Peterson, the billionaire Wall Street financier who served as U.S. 179 more words