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POC Co-Lab

POC has created unique collections and collaborations with two of the leading bike shops in the world, Pavé in Barcelona and us at The Eleven.

The 11 Inc

August 2016 Empties

Hello, hello!

It’s time for my monthly empties post. I’ve really been trying to finish up some of the things in my stash rather than let them go to waste. 448 more words


August Empties 2016

I meant to include this as part of my favourites for August, but I ended up having so many that I had to do a separate post. 863 more words


Our CO-LAB POC kits – get’em before they are gone.

The 11 Inc

7 Coworking Spaces in the Metro

Freelance professionals and other flexi-employees truly enjoy the pleasure of working wherever they want. There are certainly lots of benefits having this kind of working conditions since people have the freedom to choose where they want to work. 886 more words


Spunti/strumenti per progettare in partnership (kit)

Rilancio il post Progettare in partnership cross-sector, scritto con Marco Cau e Mirella Maturo, e pubblicato da Percorsi di Secondo Welfare.

A tema la costruzione di cross-sector partnership, che valorizzino culture profit, nonprofit e pubbliche, e intreccino esperienze in campi operativi differenti (ambiente, sociale, scuola, territorio, cultura, turismo, impresa, innovazione, agricoltura, rigenerazione urbana di centri/borghi/periferie/terrevicinelontane…). 54 more words


POC Co-Lab Do Blades

POC/The 11 Inc Co-Lab Do Blades… Lightweight and beautiful.

The 11 Inc