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Our CO-LAB POC kits – get’em before they are gone.

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7 Coworking Spaces in the Metro

Freelance professionals and other flexi-employees truly enjoy the pleasure of working wherever they want. There are certainly lots of benefits having this kind of working conditions since people have the freedom to choose where they want to work. 886 more words


Spunti/strumenti per progettare in partnership (kit)

Rilancio il post Progettare in partnership cross-sector, scritto con Marco Cau e Mirella Maturo, e pubblicato da Percorsi di Secondo Welfare.

A tema la costruzione di cross-sector partnership, che valorizzino culture profit, nonprofit e pubbliche, e intreccino esperienze in campi operativi differenti (ambiente, sociale, scuola, territorio, cultura, turismo, impresa, innovazione, agricoltura, rigenerazione urbana di centri/borghi/periferie/terrevicinelontane…). 54 more words


POC Co-Lab Do Blades

POC/The 11 Inc Co-Lab Do Blades… Lightweight and beautiful.

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Our CO-LAB POC kits are available now.

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POC Co-Lab

Stefan Ytterborn, POC CEO – “Anyone who walks into Pavé or The Eleven will immediately realize that they are more than a bike shop. Most often bikes stores like these are the center of a keen and energetic cycling community. 41 more words

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Review: CoLab Dry Shampoo

I’m not hugely picky when it comes to dry shampoo but I have tried some that don’t quite tick all the boxes. When the CoLab dry shampoo was first released it was around the time that seemed like every YouTuber was coming out with products. 223 more words