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CoLAB Project Evaluation

In this project, we were tasked with creating a game as a collaborative effort in a group. We were assigned one of three roles – Illustrator, Game Artist, or Graphic Designer. 389 more words


Back Story

Below is the back story myself and my game artist conceived almost immediately after being teamed up together. We more or less had the backbone of the game in our minds after five minutes or so. 158 more words


Marketing - Twitter/Facebook Pages

The final thing I did was create social media accounts for the game, as a way of reaching out to a wider audience to promote our material. 58 more words


Style Guide

Here, I have included the Style Guide that I made for this project. The style guide is basically the list of rules and components I had set myself to work with to produce material for this project. 39 more words


Game Poster Design

The next important part of this project was producing a promotional poster to advertise our game. As with all other aspects of the design for this project, I wanted a clean, simple design that would clearly show what our game was about. 328 more words


Shirt Designs

As a side note to the main project, I created some t-shirt designs which I had hoped to put into production in time for our CoLAB show on 13-12-16, but due to financial limitations, I couldn’t afford to fund the printing of the shirts. 134 more words


Logo for the Game

In my personal opinion, one of the key parts of this project for me was to create a strong brand for our game. This started with thinking about the logo. 267 more words