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Gift Idea #24

Our 11 Inc./POC Co-lab kit is the perfect gift for that aspiring Pro. The super lightweight jersey, endurance shorts, Zeiss shades & helmet make this kit suitable for all riders.

The 11 Inc

What Is My Time Worth??

For this task we have been asked to use are researching skills to find out information about: average minimum wage for our age, average UK working hours a week and average working week of a photographer. 298 more words


South VS North:

I started off googling stereotypical UK makeup when I came across an article comparing women from the South and women from the North. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2048668/Make-Britain-Northern-women-slap-Southern-girls-prefer-natural-look.html… 223 more words


Hydration and Flush:Korea

In Korea there are wearing a more natural beauty look, however they are putting in contact lenses to make their eyes look more larger but in a natural colour – copying what japanese women are doing – 98 more words


Photoshoot Four:

Although I didn’t take the photo of the lady for the specific project, I feel like now I can use her in my work, whereas when I first took the photo of her I was using it for my Going Local project but never actually got to use her, even though she is a very interesting person. 452 more words


Photoshoot Three:

For this shoot I used my step sister Shauna, she did her own makeup like the other models I used. I liked photographing Shauna because she didn’t have a lot of makeup on like the other models did, she was quite natural. 333 more words


Photoshoot Two:

For this photo shoot I used my mum because she is an adult and I needed someone of her age to photograph. I gave my mum the same freedom as I gave Megan,where she could do her makeup how she wanted. 235 more words