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Virtues and vices of real world co-creation

Community member post by Quassim Cassam

I approach this topic as an analytic philosopher rather than a specialist in co-creation. It’s clear that co-creation is thought to offer a promising response to real world problems and it connects in interesting ways with my own work on epistemic virtues and vices. 935 more words


Five Steps for Managing Diversity to Create Synergy

Community member post by Doug Easterling

How can we address social, environmental, political and health problems that are too big and too complex for any single person, organization or institution to solve, or even to budge? 766 more words


Driftwood drifts

By Jessica Bradley 

I’ve written before about how since starting the project, people from different places and different backgrounds have got in touch with Faceless Arts and with the TLANG team to either get involved themselves or to tell us about their work. 212 more words

Our film

On behalf of TLANG and Faceless Arts

Many thanks to:

All the participants in the RETAS Steps to Settlement classes.

Omar, Mastanash and Olivier for their wonderful input. 30 more words