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Lowdown on the Update

It’s Wednesday. Things are just humming along, but what I have for you today are simply updates. I think I’ll have a photo to go with each update, so it’ll still be a fun look into what’s happening with the co-workers. 1,036 more words


Video: Guy's Co-Workers Name Game!

We challenged Guy to name some of the faces of CBS. See how many he got right! 😂


Office lunch.

Recently someone close to me had a problem with her co-workers, she works in the event industry. And an event was what reminded her that these are her colleagues and not her friends. 343 more words


Work, Popeyes, Biking

I’ve been having some sleepful nights as opposed to sleepless. It’s nice, but the dreams have been interesting too. The night before saw some weird stuff with guns, toilets and old classmates. 608 more words


We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

It always seems that when I travel, the blog schedule gets messed up; I always have the best of intentions, they just get way laid by schedules that I didn’t create and the fact that I need a public space WiFi, which generally means that I run into people – because, you know, it’s Ramona. 286 more words


Lost & Found & the True Culprit

It’s with immense relief I can say I finally found my lost pair of glasses.

Ironically, they were very near to where I was long certain I’d find them, yet somehow I’d never looked in that particular odd spot. 676 more words


Thought for the day .....

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 17th day of May, 2017.

Can you believe it?

The 17th day of yet another month.

We are almost 6 months into another year. 173 more words

Thought For The Day