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The airline industry takes the probation period very seriously. Since my first airline job in 2012, I’ve now gone through 4 probation periods. I’m nearing the end of the fourth, but they’ve all gone about the same. 710 more words

Working Conditions

Paul and His Co-Workers

The apostle Paul succeeds in his Gentile mission due in large part to a network of Christian brothers and sisters he began to establish shortly after his call to be an apostle (Galatians 1-2).  603 more words

Gold Star

I had a conversation with a kid today about a teacher he had last year in junior high. It was such an awesome conversation that I emailed that teacher about it. 320 more words


Hacking and snorting

These are not two things that will win you friends, either in a crowd of strangers or at work.

I have now been dealing with a cold/flu for a week now. 95 more words


Please, stop already

I am gonna go out on a limb here and assume that you can identify with my pain.

Have you ever been to a training where the person training you had no business training you? 244 more words


How To Deal With Toxic Co-Workers

If you’ve ever worked with other people, I’m sure you’ve experienced the co-worker who makes you dread coming into work due to their negativity.

The Harsh Truth… 511 more words


The Heavy Cloud Bearer

I might or might have not mentioned before that the workplace is a microcosm of our general life: we met everybody under the sun. I have previously written… 366 more words