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I’m lying here ready to sleep and I suddenly remembered my dream from the last night. Normally I wouldnt care but I found out this morning that one of my coworkers died in her sleep and decided that my dreams then were important to me. 550 more words


How to Deal With Toxic Co-Workers

Some of the problems that occur in the work force is dealing with co-workers. Every employee has their own personality, and there are often those who bring a negative energy into the office. 277 more words

Personal Growth

Day 36- water

June 19, 2018

I get excited about birthdays-my birthday. Am in that state right now. Last year at this time, my mom had her double surgery. 138 more words

Truths And Inspiration

I suppose it’s probably summer

Whilst we’ve had a lot of hot dry weather up here, the ground was so wet that we’ve seen very little sign of grass burning off. 633 more words


Things are really hatchin’ around here! You know we had that one baby banty a month or so ago… he/she is still hanging around doing its thing. 875 more words


Im living in a day dream

Ive felt not all here for a while.

A bit like the Cheshire Cat. Somewhere in the mist. Here but not. A smile to the world attached to something no one can really comprehend. 166 more words

Love Problems

6 Types of Colleagues

Lemme lay some hard earned wisdom on you, straight from living office life for about 10 years now. There are some people you meet in your working life that leave a lasting impression on you. 841 more words

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