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Confused signals

 stop sending me signals

I don’t want to know about it

I don’t know if you like me or not

But I’d rather you hit on someone else instead… 102 more words

To a woman, from a woman

By: SN

They say love comes in all shapes and sizes. I’ve experimented with love and all the associated flutters and feelers by going on everything from blind dates, to a date with a (once) best friend to all other shades of men in between. 1,602 more words

Cold and lucky

Today was/is not a good day… to die.

It seems I’m in luck, or perhaps it’s all ran out today, but I’ve had two good days in a row – yay for me! 332 more words

Quirky Humans: What is this? Manager

“What is this?”

“My sweater.”

“What is this?”

“The owner’s change for her coffee.”

“What is this?”

“Notes for the schedule you need to fix.” 257 more words



Who needs cardio
When you have both panic and
Rage from your workplace?


To the Friends I Left Behind But Carry Close

I was having a conversation recently with my best friend. He was sharing a story with me from his high school days.

As I listened and witnessed the fondness he obviously held for that particular time in his life, I realized that is not an experience I can relate to. 678 more words

Be Living