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Paper towel thieves

Stop taking the damn paper towels!!

OK, so it is fine to use them, but stop taking the whole roll from the room they were placed in, and if you use the last one go get a new roll. 240 more words


Spot the difference

One of the insults people hand out to builders is “He’s a cowboy.” But in my profession, cowboy is a job specification rather than an insult. 822 more words

The Wal Mart Saint

Yesterday, the hassled looking Wal Mart employee running self-checkout told me I had the patience of a saint. 

By which I really think she meant… 594 more words


Life as I Know It....Is About to Change.

I’ve spent A LOT of time over the past few months pondering the what if, the should I, the what is to come?  The atmosphere in my professional life is tentative, and I’ll point out the elephant in the room by saying that I don’t think those in power are being entirely honest with us worker bee’s about our futures.  396 more words



Hello there!

Ok so I don’t know about you but my week was one hell of a scorcher (Here in Gauteng, South Africa we have been burdened with a heatwave week) that left me utterly drained by 9 a.m., but hey I am blessed to be a working lady who can still pay for the little things and have a roof over her head. 144 more words


Something I already know

Ever gone to one of those “trainings” where they train you on something you already know?

Yeah, me too.

So you spend three hours doing the “bobs”…that’s the fun activity where your head nods up and down while you fight dozing off and keeping your head upright. 78 more words


Make Eye Contact, Make Eye Contact, MAKE. EYE. CONTACT.

Rode up the elevator with one of my work fuck crushes this morning. She has on a tight, white, tit hugging top. Add the white push-up bra cradling her titties and it was all I could do from feeling her up. 33 more words