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How to stop workplace gossip

No one likes a gossip queen (or king), but rest assured, every office has one.

Blame human nature, says career and business etiquette speaker Karen Litzinger. 101 more words


Etiquette in the office

  1. Meetings on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons should be banned.
  2. 1 spray of perfume or cologne is acceptable, as long as it doesn’t smell like poop.
  3. 173 more words


I’m alive. I’m breathing. I take so much joy in being able to just look up and see the many different ways the sky can be painted. 390 more words


My mind was going through lists of people I used to know, used to go to school with.

Earliest one I can remember is being in a large campus. 693 more words


Quote of the Day

“I really LOVE completing a project!” That was Sue’s end of the day quote today after we came in from hanging the newest set of nesting boxes in the chicken coop. 742 more words


Why I Work From Home

  1. Attire

Safe at home with your coworkers and any sense of self-respect far, far away, burn your slacks and collared shirts. Slip into a stained T-shirt and pajama bottoms that will take you from day to night to day again. 500 more words



Fuck Jenny.

Fuck Woodstown.

Fuck Steven.

Fuck costumers. (But not everyone coz that would be sluty.)

Fuck Daddy Peter.

Fuck plastic gloves.

Fuck stickers and sticker machines. 32 more words