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Why Be Happy?

Originally Published February 18, 2018

Hey guys, I found a draft from a post I was working on during winter break. It’s got a tiny story moment so I figure why not post it. 706 more words


That’s one of Sue’s expressions left over from her Navy days. That’s what happened yesterday; I was ‘overcome by events’. So we’re doing another “make-up day” today. 1,599 more words


The Boss from - - Well, You Know

You’ve already been verbally attacked by a frustrated client.

You’ve already been snapped at by an unhappy co-worker.

You’ve even been on the receiving end of the rantings of a disgruntled cashier at the local coffee shop. 415 more words


Business with Pleasure!

 There come a time where we all tend to flirt with our co-workers and vice versa. My opinion is that I think it’s perfectly fine to flirt with coworkers… I mean it is a great way to pass time; but when your coworkers begin asking for your social media accounts and your phone number and is looking to pursue something more than a friendship That is when I start to question them! 248 more words


Reconnecting with an Old Friend

I just returned home from reconnecting with an old friend. We started out as co-workers about 18 years ago now (I still don’t know where the time goes). 229 more words

Foto Friday

How to Deal with People Who Don't Like You at Work

There’s always that one person that you feel gives you unnecessary attitude at work, making your days not as smooth as you would have hoped. Here are some practical tips on how to deal successfully. 508 more words


true story

Yep. I’m a day late again. Totally not my intention. I got rained in at a friends house last night. Went over after work to have a glass of wine and catch up. 751 more words