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One of our long term goals is to give the oldies more free run of the “yard”. That area right around the house that is fenced in. 446 more words


Dress code angst

Working in an office isn’t so bad, some of the time. However, there are still some things that just don’t make sense and are rather irritating. 154 more words


Just jump on this bandwagon


Of a three day work week.

Why can’t they all be this way? I mean I could really get used to this since it has been a fairly regular practice of as of late. 73 more words


Work Email Syndrome

I bet after describing this you’ll know you have it too. It should be a real affliction, if it isn’t already. I don’t know. I didn’t look. 239 more words


Worlds Colliding

There’s a classic Seinfeld episode where the character of George, played by Jason Alexander, is concerned that people he knows from one context are invading an entirely separate context. 645 more words


What are the Types of Groups?

A Group is defined as, “two or more individual who are connected by and within social relationships” (Forsyth, page 4). A group forms when there is some sort of similarity that creates a connection between people.They come in all types of sizes and structures. 375 more words


Yet another work dream. Sigh.

I was at work and seeing this patient. I remembered her from another dream because work idiot was unable to scale properly and left some serious calc behind. 690 more words