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The Benefits Of Co-Writing

you get to go crazy together

Hello! And welcome back to the wonderfully, weird corner of the internet. YO GIRL IS BACK WITH A WRITING POST  860 more words


Call me a Necromancer

… coz I’m back from the dead, apparently. Has it seriously been 2 months since my last post? I’ve been having anxiety about not being able to write a good-enough new post almost daily, so I guess that feels the same as regular updates or something. 2,267 more words


Co-Writing: the Early Days

As a part of an exercise with my writing group, I am co-writing a novella. My partner is amazing, by the way. A published author ( 270 more words


Call and Response Writing on Water

 An interdisciplinary conference organised by Camille Roulière and Jennifer Rutherford:

H2O: Life and Death (2017) Programme

On page 9, I collaborate with research associate and author Pip Newling to continue to co-develop a mode of call-and-response writing from and within bodily encounter—and water. 40 more words

Shadow Places In Concept And An Ecology Of Practice

I Got What I Asked For

In many ways, I am a lucky old bat. Two out of three children are active in my writing. They encourage me, edit me, nag me. 159 more words


I don’t trust people who constantly need to be reassured. I don’t trust people who express never express selfish views. I don’t trust people who can’t just “yes” or “no”.

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Big News

No, Old Souls isn’t finished. Because c’mon. It’s summer.

But THIS is pretty cool too.

One of my partners in googling things like:

Weird ways to die, how to get away with murder, what it feels like to stab people, how to get over the Canadian/American border without a passport, time travel… 243 more words