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Chapter 13

Beatrice poured herself another glass of wine. Her mother, sitting next to her on the sofa, was speaking quickly.

“So your telling us that you’re an agent for some secret international society and you’ve been pretending to be Birdy’s boyfriend for two years now just so that you can infiltrate our family’s craziness?” 493 more words



“The world is a beautiful place. Everywhere you turn there are new places to explore, full of people to discover. People fascinate me because they all have a story to tell. 175 more words


A Good Co-Writer...

A Good Co-Writer…

1. …knows lunch is important! Lunch gives both writers a breather, while allowing the “back of their brains” to continue tackling the problems of the day. 176 more words

Songwriting Tips

Chapter 12

The cousins’ plan was elaborate.  Arthur was astonished at the detail, skill, organization, and timing they demonstrated.  Additionally – and much to his frustration – everything was compartmentalized; the clear leader was Gerald Jr. 485 more words


Chapter 10

By 12:25, Arthur was in his blue Honda Accord and already on the phone.

“It has begun,” was all he said to the other end of the line.   472 more words


Chapter 9

By the end of the month, nearly all of the cousins were moved in and settled, with the notable exception of Gerald Jr., the oldest and most vicious of the brood. 472 more words


Chapter 8

The cousins began moving in over the next week one-by-one.  Beatrice or her mother saw each of them, as they arrived and were forced into uncomfortable, unavoidable interactions with them.   454 more words