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How To Be a Better Co-writer

If you’re in Nashville, it’s pretty rare to not co-write at all – odds are, you’re going to be doing at least a little of it. 1,042 more words


writing with your supervisor

This is a guest post from Dr Charlotte Wegener who is Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication, Aalborg University, Denmark

I am currently finalizing draft chapters for a book I’m co-writing with my former supervisor. 1,143 more words


From The Desk...Expansions on Co-writing

Augmenting a partner’s strengths and shoring up their weak spots may seem like an obvious notion, and so it should be, but artists have egos, and sometimes an individual’s understanding of their scope may not agree with yours. 581 more words

Michael Snow

What To Do With Your Co-Writer

I have a couple friends who are also songwriters but every time I sit down with them to write we always end up playing covers of songs we like. 560 more words


We Have an Agent!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Kati and I are excited to say that we’re now repped by Jennifer Azantian of the Azantian Literary Agency!

It’s taken us a couple of writer’s conferences, some really great critique partners, hours brainstorming, and lots of revisions, but here we are, ready for the next step. 177 more words

Mystic Cooking

20 More Questions for Artists: Co-writing for Artist-Writers with Record Deals

This post is from the article “20 Questions for New Artists” by Chris Castle and Amy Mitchell some of which has been posted various places.   … 769 more words

20 More Questions For Artists