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Chapter 24

Arthur stood speechless. Gerald Sr. had not yet made an appearance during this invasion.  Most of Arthur’s team assumed the reins were passed down to the younger generation, while their parents relaxed on a beach enjoying their spoils. 475 more words


Chapter 23

The next few days were a whirlwind. The cousins were at Beatrice’s apartment 24/7, planning, plotting, and generally making Beatrice’s life miserable. Constantly surrounded by her cousins, Beatrice hadn’t had a chance to talk to Arthur about the note Gerald Jr. 466 more words


Diary Dilemma

After missing our deadline by a couple of days (sorry guys) and Raven and Dal staying up to 3am in the morning whilst I edited before posting, our co-story is… 2,279 more words

MorningMist's Corner

Chapter 22

What could have possibly happened in the ten minutes it took her to get from Arthur’s apartment to hers?  Sure they had been distracted by Beatrice’s mind blips, but anything major going on with the cousins would have been brought to Arthur’s attention immediately.   470 more words


Chapter 21

The remainder of the night was even more chaotic than the beginning. Beatrice was subject to a series of tests to solve the mystery behind the “mind blips.” First, they tried science. 494 more words



We love getting feedback from our readers, and we are always striving to improve. As such, we’ve made a few exciting updates!

For your ease and convenience, we’ve added a… 105 more words


Chapter 20

“Arthur!” shouted Bobby, before Beatrice could elaborate, “You need to check this out.”

Arthur hurried over to Bobby with Beatrice following cautiously behind him; as she reached his station, she saw live footage streaming on the left monitor, and a three-by-three grid of other surveillance locations, cycling every fifteen seconds on the right monitor.   460 more words