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Running Harder

I frequently wonder what it is about creative types that makes us more prone to things like anxiety and depression. Is it the culture? The fact that we encourage each other to pour our hearts out on a page and then release that tiny bloody baby for others to analyze and tear apart, all in the name of Art? 499 more words

Co-writing history

My name appears on the cover of “Comin’ Right at Ya,” but below Ray Benson’s name and in much smaller type — and rightly so. This is his story, not mine, and he’s a lot more famous (not to mention taller) than I am. 71 more words

Weddings, Writing and a New Blog

After a summer of weddings and more weddings, things are finally starting to settle down on this side of the blog. I wasn’t home much over the summer, and while it was fantastic, I’m happy fall has finally come. 342 more words

Aspiring Writer

Ian’s POV

Ian would never admit to anyone that his feelings did get hurt. That some of things Colette decided to say to him stung. He was a man after all and still would always feel that need to be protective.

285 more words

“It’s not always about how you feel, Ian. It’s about what’s best! I’m sorry, I have to…” 102 more words

“You think it’s easy, huh? Daddy’s girl got everything she ever wanted? You think all this comes for free?” “Tabloids may forget, but people will remember! 557 more words

“Letty… I honestly don’t think the girl needs to be killed. I know that you gave her terms, she was supposed to leave…and obviously she didn’t. 581 more words