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Chapter 34

Arthur stared at Beatrice with a mixture of amusement and longing as she laughed.  He desperately wanted to divulge the plan to Beatrice; knowing would ease her mind and potentially grant him forgiveness, but he knew for the good of the world and the end of the cousins’ reign, Beatrice couldn’t know.   456 more words


Chapter 33

“So that’s how the blips happen,” sighed Arthur, completing an exhaustive speech on the technology behind the blips. Beatrice’s expression had faded from fury to boredom. 489 more words


Chapter 32

Arthur couldn’t take his eyes off Beatrice.  He knew they had not been kind, but this was beyond anything he imagined.  Her nightgown clung to her body, and lines of her bones jutted through it; her hair was stringy and matted, but what startled Arthur the most was the pure fury and hatred her eyes flung at him.   447 more words


Chapter 31

For a moment, neither Beatrice nor Janelle said anything at all. Janelle paced around the room, never taking her eyes off Beatrice, as if a bird sizing up its prey.  491 more words


A New Venture -- Seeking a Co-Writer

For my book on Nevada agriculture I’ll need a qualified co-writer. I want to approach the University of Nevada Press but I am a non-academic and I have no college degree. 273 more words

Chapter 30

Uninterrupted darkness.  Another endless black abyss.  

Ended abruptly by a flash of blinding light, and a sudden saturation of ice cold water.  Stunned and gasping Beatrice screamed, shot up, and began shaking uncontrollably. 471 more words


Chapter 29

It felt like months since Beatrice had been awake, since her thoughts had been clear. The whispers had stopped. Then the nightmares. And at some point Beatrice realized that she was hungry. 489 more words