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Dimmed lights

Classical music

White cotton

Lingering sage

Rose quartz

Drawn bath

Open door


~Alisa Hutton

Ask the Authors!

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a project with fellow author Wayne Lemmons. It’s an amazing and wild ride, this novel. As we near the release date (which hasn’t been set in stone yet, but it’s soon), I thought I would give you, the reader, an opportunity to be involved. 154 more words

Author order and disorder

Debra Carr has a BSc (Hons) in Materials Science and a PhD in Engineering.

Prior to joining Cranfield University, she was employed by the Ministry of Defence (SCRDE), Imperial College (Mechanical Engineering) and The University of Otago (Clothing and Textile Sciences). 1,051 more words

Research Culture

co-writing – strategies for working with other people’s words

There are various types of co-writing practices. Pretty well all of them involve you working on text that other people have written.

This is a sensitive matter. 929 more words

Pat Thomson

How to co-write your novel

Murandy Damodred and I wrote our fantasy / romantic comedy novel, Uncharted, together. This is not our first co-written novel. In fact, it’s our fifth, so we’ve got a system worked out. 938 more words

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EN and me

I write a lot about co- writing and the particular people I work with. But there’s one co-writing situation I don’t talk much about. And I should own up. 828 more words

Pat Thomson

Tips On Co-Writing And Marketing Fiction With J.Thorn


Tips on Co-writing and Marketing With Joanna Penn & and J. Thorn

What did you learn? Tell me in the comments! 24 more words

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