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Briggs & Balcon Discuss Drinking

Everyone drinks, we’d survive no more than a few hours without fluid, but not everyone drinks for pleasure, most notably not everyone drinks alcohol and this is the subject of today’s entry.   1,159 more words


Play With Fire & You're Bound to Get Burned...

That is unless you have an awesome writing partner like mine!

TJ Adams and I met at the romance writer’s group I started, at the KSP Writers’ Centre, in 2014. 112 more words

Writer's Life

On Co-Writing

People often ask us what it’s like to co-write a book. *chuckles* We call it “choose your own adventure”. You see, although we share a brain where our characters are involved, we have very different writing styles. 392 more words


Overcoming Differences To Remain Business Partners and Friends

A Shared Goal Can Be Achieved With The Right Outlook, Book Co-Authors Say

Good business partnerships can lead to great things, whether it’s Ben and Jerry dishing up ice cream or Penn and Teller dishing up magic. 798 more words

Successful Entrepreneurs

Co-writing, Transatlantic (Literary) Affairs and Other Forms of Insanity, with Kevin Allen

On co-writing Five Guns Blazing

I will be honest, I was a little sceptical when Emma first approached me about Five Guns Blazing. I read her message and looked at the picture and laughed to myself. 556 more words

Blog Series: Two For One (Co-Writing a Project)

A while back we promised a post on how we went about co-writing our MG project. Since writing the book(s) has been a process we decided to turn one post into a series. 208 more words


Co-writing is not my thing. It will never be my thing.

Don’t force me to co-write anything. A song, a script, a story.

Let me write and create on my own. 33 more words

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