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Climate Adversely Affecting Humans? The Facts Show Otherwise

Joe Bastardi  ~  

This is the third part of a trilogy intended to get readers to examine more deeply the climate debate. I always tell people they should go look for themselves. 464 more words


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Superstition’s Fingerprint In Climate Science

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Our top climate scientists are blaming floods in Nebraska on global warming

Manmade greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, warming the oceans and making the air above them more humid, scientists said.

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European CO2 Emissions Don’t Matter

By Edwin Timmer, De Telegraaf – Re-Blogged From GWPF

To tackle global climate change it is far more important that fast-growing developing countries do more than any well-intentioned steps in the Netherlands. 394 more words

CAGW Alarmism

Are Climate Models Overpredicting Global Warming?

The answer is yes.

Weather forecasters know that some models work better than others in specific situations, and they tend to rely on the versions that work best, depending upon the forecast problem. 253 more words

Climate Change

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Going Dutch: How Not to Cut Emissions

Everyone knows the Dutch are serious and determined people.  Their saying: “God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.”  A relative of mine had some run-ins with Dutch neighbors, and his saying about them:  “Wooden shoes, wooden heads, wouldn’t listen.”  Well, now the Dutch have another saying:  “Whatever you do, don’t try to cut carbon emissions the way we did.” 2,920 more words

Science And Society

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We’ve evolved to move

Herman Pontzer’s discovery defied common sense. He found that exercise doesn’t result in weight loss.

Defying logic, upsetting the plans of many to lose weight through exercise, and threatening exercise industries -there is no connection between exercise and calories burned. 546 more words


Hvorfor prøve å være en bevisst investor

Nordea publiserte i november 2018 et regnestykke som viste at hvor du plasserer dine investeringer har veldig stor effekt som klimatiltak. Dette førte til debatt om hvordan de hadde regnet. 748 more words