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The Great Dragon Debate of 2016

Interesting. Very interesting indeed. Listen, I’m a dragon guy. Always have been, always will be. I’m not saying I own kimonos with dragons on them as I stare at my¬†sword collection and throw ninja stars around my house, but I’m well versed in all media portrayal of dragons. 609 more words


Ride the Wave

So today started off in a way I certainly didn’t see coming. I had a few morning reschedules, so I decided to set my intentions in a different way. 423 more words


Goddess Training: Becoming a Less Dramatic Lover and Partner

Let’s talk girl stuff. When a woman says “I have no real girl friends and girls suck”… I am cringing. You don’t need to be an extrovert or have a dozen “besties” or act like Mean Girls or be fake friends with anyone to have a tribe. 1,482 more words

California Zephyr (II)

After not seeing any freight trains the day before, we tried our luck again on the Thompson – Green River section. Landscape was looking too promising. 62 more words