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Culture of SUGAR!

Every holiday has it.  Every special occasion has it.  Every treat has it.  And it must stop.  It must.

What is “it”?  “It” is sugar. There is a culture of sugar in America.  858 more words


A Coach What?

I didn’t get to many tag sale this holiday weekend. I was having fun at my sister’s house but I did visit the thrift store last week and I saw an item that made me do a double take. 328 more words

Fate, Beauty, and Bruised At Bat

Now look at him, fulfilling his fate…

Many have stood in the box before, and many will after… hundreds of years from now someone will be pitching, someone will be swinging, and courageous fans will be howling at the crack of the bat. 101 more words


The Single Player LARP - 2 Game Ideas

In a recent episode of the LARPBook podcast we were asked to help a listener who on running low on podcasts to listen to was concerned that that he / she may have to interact with people on a regular journey of several hours long. 577 more words


Weight Training - How to Determine if You are a Beginner

We are ONE WEEK AWAY from the Girls Gone Strong challenge!!! I’m so excited!!!! But, before I forget….

Happy Memorial Day. Remember, its not the holiday that marks the “start” of pool and BBQ season. 842 more words