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How to run a baseball practice

The inspiration for this post could actually be, “how not to run a baseball practice.” We observed a team on our local field Monday, which we know to be in last place in the league’s AAA division, (one level below Majors) and it was all we could do not to intervene. 335 more words

Working With Players

Coach as if you are Speaking a Different Language

This article was published in the March/April and Spring 2015 issues of Coach & AD Magazine and Inside Pitch Magazine.

In each of the past two offseasons, I had the pleasure of traveling to the other side of the world to run… 1,229 more words


It's Always About the Player

On February 5, in conjunction with the South Atlantic League’s Greenville Drive, we ran a coaches clinic in Greenville, South Carolina for area coaches from all different levels of the game. 1,222 more words


Handling Games

If you have coached baseball, you know how the tough the game can be.  Baseball is an exciting and challenging game that is dull only to those to fail to appreciate the many possibilities that exist on each pitch.   296 more words

Amateur Baseball Team

One on One Instruction..

Parents ask me all the time. “Manny what is a good age to start pitching lessons?”  This is an opinion question, some guys want the quick $ and will up sell parents to multiple lesson packages.   380 more words

Offensive Skills.

At Technique we all agree that offense is not hitting!!  How many times as a coach after a loss, you look at the score book to see you had more hits than your opponent?   312 more words

Criticism, How to make it count!

Criticism!  How do we handle criticism?  It’s going to happen, as a coach you are going to receive and you are also going to give criticism to your players.   284 more words