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My Bad

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

We have all heard the famous phrase, “To err is human. To forgive, divine.” However, when it comes to parents, teachers, employers and, especially coaches, what I’d rather say is, “To err is human. 851 more words

Working With Players

It is easy to forget...

That we’re coaching youth sports for the benefit of the kids, not for ourselves. That winning is nice, but making sure every kid wants to come back and play again next season is more important. 23 more words

Parents And Children

Giving Signs From Third Base

By Dave Holt

While umpiring I like to mess with youth coaches some times. I will see a third base coach touching all these areas on their bodies for baseball signs like in a situation when there are runners on second and third base and two outs. 469 more words

Working With Players


One of the most difficult things as a hitter is to accept when things aren’t going our way. Unfortunately for us that is usually most of the time. 916 more words

Baseball Hitting