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Coachspeak Episode 34 Feelin Froggy f/ Joe Daniel

Joe Daniel is a legend of the internet and you can find him on Twitter: @footballinfo, on the net: http://joedanielfootball.com/ and on YouTube under some random dude’s channel that stole his videos. 34 more words

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Coachspeak Episode 32 "Jungle Love" aka our Valentine's Day Special

Sponsored by Health IQ. Justin and Mike talk about not dying as football coaches and how best to take care of ourselves and reduce stress. They also talk about random stuff as usual, off-season programs, and DEAL BREAKERS for taking a job- such as on-campus coaches, turf fields, planning periods, etc. 12 more words

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Coachspeak Episode 31 "Making Football Safer for Everyone"

Sponsored by Health IQ. I don’t believe that football is unsafe. I think some people practice, play, educate, promote and teach unsafe football. We’re in fear of losing our game but are we doing what we can to save it? 74 more words

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Coachspeak Episode 29 "Offensive Scheme"

“Offensive Scheme” is brought to you by Health IQ. Coachspeak, sponsored by Health IQ, brings you episode 29 “Offensive Scheme.” Justin chats himself up about how he built his offensive scheme, and how you can do it too. 48 more words


Coachspeak Episode 27 AFCAirB&B

Justin talks with Brendan and Mike about AFCA, finding jobs, and everything else about being a football coach. Sponsored by Health IQ (https://twitter.com/healthiqinsure) 9 more words

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Who is Brady Walz? Why Ball Coach Development?

I guess you could say I started learning about “ball” at a young age. This is about 1982. I was 3 years old, and I’m sitting with my father Darryl Walz enjoying some cereal, probably Cheerios. 2,325 more words


The player who answers first may have done the least thinking


Useful UEFA B coursework feedback from a teaching friend/coach based on a Doug Lemov ‘Means of Participation’ article we discussed.
Relevant to the under 12s age group we currently work with.
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