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Grow yourself!!!!

I can’t say enough about personal development…we ALL need it….if you are human, you should be doing it! It helps keep me positive, grounded, gives me ideas and helps me to not get discouraged by setbacks that may happen. 32 more words

Walk the walk

Starting any business is tough. There are no short cuts, no quick routes up the mountain to success. It’s hard graft and takes patience and perseverance. 662 more words

The Income Accelerator 2015 Planning Session

Earn more money in 2015 than ever before with the right plan for you and your business.
In the military we had a saying “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail’. 415 more words

Business Coaching

An Interview with someone who's made $100,000,000 through coaching.

By Sai Blackbyrn

Having trained 400,000 people over the last 20 years, and making $100,000,000 from his Coaching practice, Chris Howard truly has been a master at his craft. 70 more words

Coaching Practice

The essence of coaching is about seeing your client take on a tough challenge and succeed through their own will and determination and knowing that you, as the coach, were there to encourage and support them as a witness to their transformation.


Jon Gordon: Talks About Coaching

Are you getting better today? It doesn’t matter what you do. Are you getting better at your craft? Invest in yourself.
Great thought: “Would you want to be coached by you? Get better today!!!