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Alibaba Hangzhou Dream Trip (Part 4) - Final Chapter / 阿里巴巴杭州之旅 (完结篇)

I have met many amusing new friends and learn many things during this trip, having the privilege to visit Alibaba’s office campuses (both Bingjiang & Xixi Campus), as well as Hema supermarket, was indeed an eye-opener for me. 336 more words

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Alibaba Hangzhou Dream Trip (Part 3) - Hema / 阿里巴巴杭州之旅(三)~ 盒马鲜生

If you’re a frequent follower of Jack Ma and Alibaba, you probably heard him talked about the “New Retail” concept. Incorporating the latest technologies into the conventional retail industry to revolutionise the new shopping method and improving customer shopping experience. 302 more words


Alibaba Hangzhou Dream Trip (Part 2) / 阿里巴巴杭州之旅(二)

#Alibaba has two main campuses (offices) in Hangzhou China, One of them is Alibaba’s Bingjian Campus (located in the Bingjian District) while another is Alibaba’s Xixi Campus (located in the Xixi District). 279 more words

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Alibaba Hangzhou Dream Trip (Part 1) / 阿里巴巴杭州之旅 (一)

It’s indeed a great honour to be certified by #Alibaba for becoming an “Alibaba.com GET Lecturer” in Malaysia. Seriously the selection process was much tougher than I thought, at first when I signed-up for the certification course I was thinking it is just like any other certification courses, as long as you completed the training, you surely will be certified. 333 more words

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คอร์สการโค้ช ก.ย. & NLP พ.ย.60

แจ้งปฏิทิน Public Course ต่อไปของ อ.รงค์ ดร.หนิง
คอร์สการโค้ช 1 หลักสูตร (หลักสูตร 3 วัน)
และ คอร์ส NLP 1 หลักสูตร

หลักสูตรอื่นที่สอนโดย อ.รงค์ ดร.หนิง เช่น
– Excellence Leadership Program (โปรแกรม 12 เดือน) 25 more words


Everyone Has a Story in Life - Life Quotes Stories

A 24 year old boy seeing out from the train’s window shouted…

“Dad, look the trees are going behind!”

Dad smiled and a young couple sitting nearby, looked at the 24 year old’s childish behavior with pity, suddenly he again exclaimed… 153 more words

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