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62x8 Stack Defenses for Youth Football

Here is another video on my 62 Multi 8 Defense video series on the Stack Defenses. I review the 33 Stack and Lucy call out of the 33 Stack, Along with the 45 Stack, 21 Stack, 44 Stack and 55 Stack Pirate.   100 more words


Defensive Gaps and Alignments in the 62x8 Defense

This free youth football coaching video outlines the defensive gaps and alignments in the 62 Multi 8 defense.  Please check out Coach Parker’s other free videos on the 62 Multi 8 defense. 194 more words

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Player Types by Position- 62 Multi 8 Defense

This video covers player types by position in the 62 Multi 8 Defense for Youth Football.  I review each position and what I look for in a youth football player to play that position. 449 more words

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Youth Football Defense 62 Multi 8 Formations

In this video on my youth football defense, The 62 Multi 8 defense, I review the simple 15 different formation shifts.  Yes, it seems like a lot, but most of the time,only 4 people are shifting.   147 more words

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62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense

Welcome to my first video on my 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense.  I’ve been developing this defense since 2008 or so.  This Spring 2016 this defense has had 8 straight shut outs with a 11U team.   81 more words

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