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What's at Steak?

There is as much dietary advice out there, as there are training plans. This then must be controversial, as to say anything on the topic is bound to contradict many strongly held beliefs and practices.  527 more words


Moving Forward Monday

Right now, you might be still struggling to accept the reality that it is another Monday.

You are either trying to push your way out of bed to get your day started OR you have already begun your work day routine, sipping on your coffee for energy and looking around your office for… 529 more words

Even the Bad...Has a Purpose and Place.

I had one of those weeks. You know, like every time you get a firm grip on the handle, the ground slips out from under you? 994 more words

Weekly swim session plan 24 October 2016

This week we build on the catch improvements made last week and transition into the pull phase of the stroke.  The pull is the major propulsive element of the stroke and the difference between an effective and ineffective pull, is significant. 213 more words


Going deep without getting too wet

Throughout my career and personal experiences I have found that I seem to have a knack for helping people through very treacherous, unchartered, periods of their lives. 852 more words