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Interview: What's Your Worth?

In a week of interviewing, I wanted to share with you one of my favourite questions that is used when I am interviewing.

This is not a question I have always asked. 488 more words

Self Coaching

Neptune Girl Astrology--10 Reasons You Need to Learn Astrology

Why do you need to learn astrology? If you want to know yourself better, make a healthy career and lifestyle choices, or even know your children better, than learning astrology acts as a lifeline. 921 more words

"You're doing a great job!"

We all need and want feedback, but it is the quality and timing of that feedback that makes the difference between being useful and not. 262 more words


KDSL Global interviews the founder of Lit Publishing Ltd

Our KDSL Global Intern recently had the opportunity to interview Sania Green-Reynolds, Founder of Lit Publishing Ltd. As part of her fellowship with KDSL Global, Green-Reynolds is expected to launch a new education product or service specific to her context or for the global education community. 668 more words

Wild and free

I’ve been at it again. Taking some time away from this space to explore places that are new to me, and to build my mindfulness and yoga teaching practices at the same time. 537 more words


New resource: coaching call reflection form

You hang up the phone or press “leave meeting” on Zoom after a great coaching call. You’re seeing your situation in a new way, and you’ve got some clarity about what you need to do next to reach your goal. 296 more words

Hello world!

Welcome to For Simplicity’s Sake. I am excited to offer encouragement for those looking for educational options. I offer classes, tutoring and coaching. After home schooling for 17 years and teaching in a fabulous charter school for 6, I want to help others walk out their journey in education with their family. 8 more words