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Coaching youth: values and ethics, body image, weigh ins

Coaching weightlifting is an incredibly rewarding experience. Besides allowing me to experience the sport from a different perspective, something that is very helpful to me as an athlete, it also gives me the opportunity to positively impact other people’s lives. 2,118 more words

Small Country.

You may not know John Derrick but you will know John Derrick. Ours is the one who played for Glamorgan and Aberdare and who coached well, most of us in Wales, either as players or coaches ourselves, or both. 676 more words


Friday Fitness Tips

Friday Fitness Tips:

Here we go….take a deep breath….you can do this!!! The “most wonderful time of the year” is upon us. This month causes mixed reactions in most people. 535 more words

The Voices

As the year comes to a close it is a good time to stop and reflect on the past year or the past in general. Although in the yoga world we try to stop our minds to stay in the present, it is important to also acknowledge the past and its effect on our current thoughts, behaviors and attitudes. 470 more words


Fear Of Failure Will Kill More Business Ideas Than Failure Will.

As 2017 is fast approaching , 2016 is becoming a distant memory – everyone wants a better 2017 than 2016. Maybe you would like to change jobs or start your own business. 498 more words

Christmas Weight Loss Challenge.Number 3

I am presenting you with a weight loss or weight control challenge over the Christmas period. Presuming that you have decided to ‘Go For It’, let us explore what is involved. 1,172 more words


How to Learn From a Loss

In sports, the overall goal is often to win. But in order for there to be a winner, there must also be a loser—that’s just the nature of the game. 427 more words

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