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A quick recap from the last article on Gratitude!

  1. Gratitude is the frequency that is most harmonious with abundance.
  2. You can have anything you are willing to become – BE a person of increase.
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The 40th Annual Fulbright Association Conference will be held November 4-7, 2017 in Washington, DC.  I will be part of a team of Fulbright alum who will be offering individual career counseling sessions on Sunday, 11/5/17.  32 more words


Coaching Millennials In The Workplace

Whilst our personal and professional lives are generally considered separate entities, they still intersect – especially when it comes to persona

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A Perfectly Imperfect Life- The new blog title.

I have been silent for a while. While I’m still drawing Mandalas, I’m not doing it with the same regularity or commitment and for now, I feel that this is the right way for me. 420 more words

Mandala Sketchbook

Why did I start a degree?

Since I’ve started University the question why have you started a degree as been asked a lot. 

Quite simply I started a degree in sports coaching to further my knowledge and experiences. 354 more words


A Year from Today

Happy Tuesday!

I have something different for you today.

I know you’re expecting a post where I write a few words, make you laugh, make you think, or as some of you have told me, make you cry (sorrrry). 54 more words