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King of the jungle

There are ten minutes left of the session. Parents are milling in increasing numbers in front of the pavilion. Grey clouds gather above the far end of the field. 481 more words

Short Pitches

Coaching - Week 71

The last week before the Tour de Yorkshire Sportive, finished off with some good climbing and a long run… 2,525 more words


Fire Up Your Brain, Your Thinking and Your Memory.

Do You Want Peak Brain Power?


Most of us want emotional resilience, improved mood, mental clarity, better memories and thinking speed. Our world is experiencing an epidemic of “Broken Brains”. 2,784 more words


Nature is so smart, it put medicine inside of the food! 

Food is not just calories, it is information, it talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. The most powerful tool to change your health, your environment, your entire world is a fork – Dr Mark Hyman. 536 more words


Have you noticed that some people fare better in difficult situations?  I was curious about resilience – that trait of being able to bounce back, to bend without breaking.  341 more words



Paragon- N. a person or thing that is perfect or excellent in some way and should be considered a model or example to be copied… 424 more words


Reconciliation...not a destination 

A couple nights ago, we had the opportunity to spend a wonderful evening with family. Part of our family is the minister who served for more than 25 years at my Dad’s church and his wife. 577 more words

Thoughts About Life