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HBR: The Dirty Secret of Effective Sales Coaching

Below is a blog post by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson. How does coaching work in your sales organization?

The Dirty Secret of Effective Sales Coaching… 604 more words


Coaching Thoughts:...on relating and relationships ...

When you don’t beg people to be in your life, when you recognise that perhaps their part of your journey is done, you may be called names. 472 more words



I had a professor in undergraduate school who told us that his goal for his students was to have them “fail at increasingly higher levels.” What he meant was that we were to set goals for ourselves that, while ultimately obtainable, would be difficult. 237 more words


Day 7: Why Your Is Pays You No Mind

Now Just Important Is Your Environment? How much of an impact does your environment have on your habitual behaviors? Why is willpower vitally important but yet totally misunderstood, overemphasized and overused to the point of abuse? 654 more words


Warm Weather, Dehydration and Swimmers

Like many clubs, we have a rule. “No water bottle, no swimming.”

We still allow the ones without water bottles to do dryland for the whole practice (it’s hard!), with trips to the drinking fountain every 15 minutes. 568 more words


GirlsROCKINwork top tips: writing

You’re prolific, with this writing malarky (a comment I had about this blog) and it got me thinking about how I am prolific on this and not so prolific with other types of writing that I do. 672 more words

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When you're parenting a spirited child, the beautiful moments are inspired

My daughter almost never slows down. This means that we are always playing catch-up to her, to her intensity, to her focus, to her enveloping desire to do what ever it is she wants to do RIGHT NOW!!! 591 more words