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Meet The Mentor Podcast (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon! These will be added to the Meet The Mentor Youtube Channel.

Eventually I will be doing “Live” versions of the Podcast on Twitch.TV… 52 more words


Wealth & Wellness

I was given an amazing opportunity to speak at a fundraiser this week with an intimate group of women and OMG I was reminded how super special we all are. 451 more words


Humanology Sessions

Many of the world philosophies defend the need to live the here and now. But, how is that done and what does it involve? Can it be really done? 109 more words

Jessica J. Lockhart

I read the Branson book, why am I not rich yet? (2 key steps)

I read Richard Branson’s book, and watched “The Secret”, why am I not rich yet? 

Many people read a book by Richard Branson or Bill Gates and wonder six months later why they aren’t rich. 1,590 more words

Jornada de humanología

Muchas filosofías del mundo defienden la necesidad de vivir el aquí y el ahora. Pero, ¿cómo se hace y qué implica esa forma de vida? ¿Realmente se puede alcanzar? 147 more words

Jessica J. Lockhart

Out of the Coaching Closet

Two weeks ago, I made the decision to sign up as a Beachbody Coach. This was a decision I had NEVER imagined that I might take. 459 more words


My First Coaching

I had a great Friday!  It actually started on Thursday.

I was at home after work. I had finished my pilates workout, courtesy of Blogilates… 1,338 more words