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Agile Leadership

What does it take to be an agile leader?

21st century leaders face a raft of challenges: technological change, disruptive forces in industry after industry, and global competition. 525 more words


End of CrossFit Open 19

Complete. CrossFit Open 2019 done.

I gave everything on the final workout, knowing it was going to be my weakest of the tournament. Grip strength was the weak link, meaning I couldn’t complete the work inside the 20min time cap. 72 more words


Be An Encourager, The World Has Enough Critics Already

This week I finished rereading the second part of the book ‘A Man Searching for Meaning‘ by Viktor Frankl. His story as a Holocaust survivor is really inspiring and it makes me wonder… 1,514 more words


And now, the time has come!!!!!

It’s been a bit like living with an older sibling that you sort of get on with but wish they didn’t keep asking you to go out and play. 137 more words


Critical thinking and Essence: Why every engineer and consultant should care

I work with a number of consulting companies.  Recently I was in a meeting with a member of one of those companies who was trying to explain a problem he was facing and was unsure how to solve.   759 more words

Software Engineering Method & Theory (SEMAT)

Kolani's leadership guided Taft

It’s 3 p.m. before the bell has rung and bodies are colliding at John Furlong Gymnasium. The tightly condensed court is echoed with players in black and red calling out switches while the ball moves at an abrupt pace. 1,071 more words


How much it can mean.

I, the Community Cricket Coach. Busy to exhausting period. Multiple schools per week, trying to keep the value and the intensity and the positive vibe going for the children. 682 more words