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#Reaction January 18

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My favourite Clean Language question

We describe our coaching game 15-minute FOTO [1] as “Clean Language-inspired”, and as shown on the cue card (below) it makes use of a small subset of the Clean Language questions, a subset particularly suited to exploring or… 1,096 more words

Ask away . . .

Only if you’re old enough to remember, try answering these questions:

First off, the big one: what did you do before the Internet?

And now, breaking it down: 142 more words


If I Knew Then....

Life is a trip….and then you die, but what’s so special about the span of time from when the birth canal opens and the coffin lid closes? 703 more words


Who Makes the Best Entrepreneur?

The chances are, everyone of you reading will identify with either being an introvert or an extrovert.

Whether you’re more inclined to stay at home with a good book or head out on the weekend to socialise, there are benefits to both in the business world. 593 more words


It’s not that deep until it happens to you.

I read that once and it’s so real. We sympathise, listen and nod along but never fully understand or ‘get it’ until we ourselves have been in that position. 568 more words

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