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Getting Our Scary Sh*t DONE!

Hullo Sweeties!

I am getting so excited!
I will be serving as a coach for Jennifer Louden’s upcoming seven week course on Getting Your Scary Sh*t Done. 131 more words

Check Ins - Life And Work

Attachment Style Quiz (video)

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Growing Through the Occasional Cold & Flu

Around this time of year when school is back in full swing is often when colds & flu start to crop up again. It’s almost an expectation now that at some point, no matter what I may do to prevent being exposed to these minor illnesses, I will become sick. 677 more words


6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself If You Are Struggling With Selling Your Products or Services

Most professionals sell their products and services with only THEIR success in mind, not the success of their potential clients. They fail to explain how exactly they will help people to reach the success those people want. 179 more words



Growth is important for our well-being. Growth is about advancing, developing, evolving, changing, etc,. This is important path of our journey in life.

Stagnation, comfort, and safety can only get us so far. 399 more words

The Lord's Discipline: A Tremendous Gift

When it comes to the Lord’s correction, if we can receive it, process it, harvest learning from it, and improve as a result, the Lord has given us a tremendous gift. 403 more words

Marc Kinna

No looking back . . .

” In 3 years I would rather say “Wow, that was brave” than “I wonder if …”
Danielle Robertson