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Is the stalemate in German politics ringing in a new Weimar Republic?

The collapse of talks to form Germany’s next coalition government has people drawing comparisons between the current stalemate in discussions and the political climate of the Weimar republic. 1,036 more words


Top German Social Democrats urge party to back coalition talks with Merkel -- Refusal by SPD delegates to hold further talks could lead to new elections or a minority Merkel-led government

BERLIN (Reuters) – Leading German Social Democrats (SPD) urged delegates on Tuesday to back coalition talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and warned that shunning another tie-up would further damage the party’s already dire ratings. 600 more words

Erdogan says Turkey will crush 'terror army' in northern Syria | Article [AMP] | Reuters

The Kurds might have a little something to say about that, Turd-ogan… And seriously? The Genocidal Turks want to call the Kurds Terrorists? They have been trying to exterminate the Kurds for generations! 53 more words

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International coalition to build new Syrian force, angering Turkey - Al Arabiya English

Back and forth we go. I am glad we are coming out on the side of the Kurds here. Syria, Turkey Iraq and Iran need to just used to the idea that the Kurds exist, and DO have a homeland. 9 more words

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Preliminary coalition agreement in Germany

Germany had their elections the same weekend as our general election in New Zealand, in September last year.

It took a few weeks to sort out a coalition agreement, a confidence and supply agreement and an functional Government. 1,153 more words


The Coalition of Yin & Yang

Everyday more I realise how much duality has been imposed in human perception, consciously and subconsciously, and how much we live in it and feed it everyday. 255 more words


Wednesday 10 January, 2018 Update: Coalition Talks Enter Crucial Phase for Merkel

It all comes down to this for Angela Merkel. This week brings about what will likely be her final attempt to form a coalition government and end the political stalemate in Germany. 344 more words

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