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Nature of the firm

A fundamental change over the 20th century, paraphrased from a Paul Graham article:

In the early 20th century, big companies were synonymous with efficiency, as compared to delivering a product using a network of cooperating companies. 20 more words

Home in one?

Migration pressure mounts to climbing real estate prices. This is a headache for the central bank facing declining petroleum investments and increasing unemployment on the one hand, and increasing asset prices on the other. 723 more words

Economists Misunderstand What They Teach

A popular theorem within economics comes from Ronald Coase, an economist who won the Nobel for his analysis of the firm and revitalization of institutional analysis. 847 more words


How Transaction Costs Theory explains the size of the firm

Recently I came across an article on Transaction Costs Theory that was written around the time when Elinor Ostrom  and Oliver Williamson were conferred the Nobel prize in 2009. 435 more words


"Google's Philosopher"

That is the title of this intriguing essay by Robert Herritt in the Pacific Standard — our favorite e-mag, by the way — summarizing the “philosophy of information” as well as the original work of  509 more words


A Coasean Solution to the Scarlet Devil Incident

In Embodiment of Scarlet Devil everyone’s favorite vampire, Remilia Scarlet, covers the land of Gensokyo with a thick fog that blocks out the sun. Does Remilia do this out of a desire to harm the residents of Gensokyo? 486 more words

Blog Posts

Economists Criticizing Economics

Unlearning Economics has put together a collection of brief quotations of famous economists attacking their own subject matter. I’m only going to share a few of them, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to address two of the most common responses I get when I offer up critiques of neoclassical economic theory. 354 more words