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Stuff We Don't Need: Frankensalmon

REALLY disappointing news yesterday.

As I wrote five years ago, in two separate posts (Post 1, Post 2), some mad genetic scientists, seemingly out of some sci-fi B-movie, have been messing around with salmon to produce fish that grow faster on farms. 210 more words

Fish & Bicycles

Glaciers brought mountain to man (not really)

A couple of months ago you may have heard of an exciting new study on the sources of rock for making stone tools in the Salish Sea.  2,219 more words


Gathering and Weaving

The month of October passed quickly. I was consumed with gathering the last of the traditional use plants I would need for winter and madly weaving for an Art Exhibit. 290 more words


More Mayne Island Museum

The above is maybe the most unusual object I saw in the archaeological cases in my visit to the Mayne Island museum.  As you can see, it’s labelled as a “large stone abrader” and may well be, I suppose.  851 more words


Life When You're Six

The teeth are flying in grade one this year, but Miss S’ grill is still in tact. She’s trying hard to keep up with her friends though, one of whom lost a tooth at our house during a playdate and fainted after seeing the blood, but Miss S’ roots are firmly cemented to her gums. 416 more words


Weaving Studio

Weave – To form by combining various elements or details into a connected whole.

My studio is located in what used to be the sun room of our little beach cottage, we live in Sechelt, BC. 162 more words


Still selling First Nations' Archaeological Heritage

I like hanging around junk shops as much as anyone, in fact more than most, if my new Monkey-Darwin-Skull office lamp is anything to go by. 1,301 more words