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How to Say Welcome

Welcome figures in the Coast Salish region of Pacific Northwest. Drawings by Mariah Burton Nelson; inspired by indigenous artists Susan Point and Shawn Peterson.


Round Three

As I characterized the Cherry Point coal fracas, that was round one–a preliminary event prior to the main bout. Round two is the update and revision of land use policies at Cherry Point, consistent with the State of Washington Growth Management Act. 26 more words

Strip Canoe

Spring Street International School, Friends of the San Juans, and San Juan Island School District are co-sponsoring a youth canoe-building project with Lummi Nation master canoe-builders. 17 more words

Shows I'd most like to see, Part I


Susan Point
Salish Vision, 2002
red cedar, copper, acrylic
Courtesy of the Museum of Anthropology, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Salish Weave Collection, 3113/6
Photo: Janet Dwyer
Women Sculptors

5 Things I Love About Susan Point's Show, Spindle Whorl

Strong women, it seems, are everywhere. It may just be that I need to see them now more than ever, and so my eyes are watching, waiting for the next bit of inspiration and reminder that I am a blessed species. 495 more words


Destruction, Appropriation, Appreciation

I look forward to a world where people will no longer feel like they have to destroy your culture to learn from it.


(Because all these innovations and pioneering ideas are ancient… especially within my ancestral history… but a culture who destroyed children set out to destroy the world to find it’s answers) … 989 more words

Xwe-Nal-Mewx Declaration, 1988

Also called, Coast Salish Declaration


“We know the Creator put us here. We know our Creator gave us laws that govern all our relationships to live in harmony with nature and mankind; defined our rights and responsibilities. 85 more words

Indigenous Declarations