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Leaving Prince Edward Island

Goodbyes are never easy and after the heartfelt hugs with Courtney the night before and the final realisation that I am actually leaving the island with no plan to return; this was a hard day. 389 more words

Running Buddies [Accountability]

I had made a note a few weeks ago to talk about running buddies and accountability here on the blog, but I hadn’t figured out how to say what I wanted to say yet. 583 more words


Done With School (Again)

This last Sunday was the last day of school for me. Providing I pass this class (while I feel confident in this, I’m still waiting on grades to post), I’ll be done with my second Masters Degree!!! 502 more words

England's Coast-to-Coast Trail

Having recently taken part in the TGO Challenge, a walk across the Scottish highlands from the west coast to the North Sea, I got to reminiscing about another great coast-to-coast walk. 1,765 more words


Best Laid Plans

So I’m not cycling across the country. I’m sitting in my lounge watching Star Trek and have just eaten a chip supper. 114 more words

Andrew Clayton

I Call It Dark:Thirty

Guys, I’m NOT a morning person. Like, I was the kid that was such a night owl my mom had to ask my preschool to put me in the room with the kids that didn’t nap so that I wouldn’t fall asleep during the day (because otherwise I’d be up super late). 314 more words


On hitting milestones.

The weekend of the Coast to Coast has arrived. This is not a notice that people owe me sponsorship money, although feel free to donate cash if you feel it’s worth helping me over the massive hills we’ll be tackling in the next few days. 173 more words

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