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Commissioned for one thing seeing something else

I wonder how many other photographers get commissioned to shoot something, get all prepared and set up, then while waiting the light suddenly changes and you get that one shot that makes the whole day worthwhile.   109 more words


Coastal Town

Coastal Town
Acrylic on wood
36in X 33in

I am honoured that this piece was including in the “W” art show at Feather Gallery in Calgary, featuring 10 Calgarian female artists.


Smögen Yacht Rock

We took a short car ride (maybe an hour or so) to Smögen for the day. It’s a coastal town (you can find a really idyllic tourism video online that makes it look like only blonde Swedish models inhabit the place). 444 more words


Largs: a Viking Saga

When you think about Vikings, what comes to mind? For me it’s long ships, drinking horns, mead, etc. When visiting the seaside town of Largs you will meet two Vikings of a completely different kind. 482 more words


garden pond

While my grandson and husband kicked a ball around the garden after school I sat drinking tea, enjoying the lovely warm afternoon sunshine I noticed the sunlight making patterns on the pond water. 154 more words


old birds

Volunteering at Sand Sea & Spray over the weekend I didn’t think I would find the time or opportunity to capture any street images but as luck would have it.. 69 more words


Where I saw The Beatles

I saw The Beatles at The ABC Theatre in 1963..I was 9 years old and I went with my older sister to see them arrive at Blackpool Airport, I will always remember as they came out of the BEA airplane they stood at the top of the stairs and Ringo held a sign with TLES written across it next to the BEA sign so it read BEATLES…I remember thinking how clever Ringo was to think of doing that. 138 more words