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Fabulous Friday: Weight-Gain Outfit!!

Soooo…. I’ve gained about 9 pounds in the past 4 weeks (TMI?). Not the first time this has happened and I’d be a fool to think it was the last. 536 more words


Mamastrong Fabulous Friday: DATE NIGHT LOOK

Since most of my posts are verbally dense I decided these posts will mostly just be pics for your enjoyment and inspiration (and SHARING 😘, naturally)! 39 more words


Nudie Jeans Thin Finn

Today I wore a pair of Nudie Thin Finn jeans in Organic Dry Twill. I forget to mention sooner that I came across these at a thrift store for only $7.99 plus a 20% discount! 410 more words


There’s something so nonchalant, and dare I say sexy, about wearing a shirt that looks like it’s from your husband’s closet. Unbuttoned as much as possible and not too neat for even more effect. 84 more words


loafers, coated jeans, jumper, tartan

It is absolutely freezing, I know ‘hey guys how are you’ etc is my normal opening but seriously, I’m probably too cold for a greeting. It’s the sort of cold that when I’m defrosting my car my hands go blue, I mean I opened the door this morning to take my Needle and Thread deliver (very exciting I’ll tell all in a post asap) and I was frozen in my luxurious dressing gown (seriously it’s heaven). 365 more words



Hello everyone, we are mixing things up this week so I hope you enjoy my first outfit post! 92 more words


So it appears that I’ve been in a little bit of a blogging slump lately. Part of that I can blame on my most recent surgery, but not all of it. 260 more words