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Frost Burn by K.T. Munson & Nichelle Rae

I am happy to announce the completion of Frost Burn. It has been a year-long road to completion and the final product is finally here. We had a few set backs but we still finished before 2015 became 2016. 306 more words


My book...

Some of you may not know that I’m in the process of working with an old friend and co-authoring. Here’s a sneak peice of the first chapter. 308 more words


How Does Co-Authoring Work?

Since Seth and I have released Keys of Candor: The Red Deaths, the questions I have heard the most are, “How do you write together?” or  “How does co-authoring work?” I have been intrigued that of all the guesses people offer, no one has actually guessed how our writing came together. 845 more words


Coauthoring and reinventing partnerships

I was at the dentist yesterday and as he was waiting on the X-Rays he asked me if anything new and exciting was happening in my life. 359 more words


Fan-made Content: Co-authoring the Experience

“Everyone has a sphere where they feel comfortable exerting agency – maybe it’s their work, maybe it’s raising their children, maybe it’s collecting stamps” (Jenkins et al 157).  2,026 more words

Kicking Dead Horses and Being Cruel to Characters

Now that the first book of Keys of Candor is officially released I feel like I have clearance to actually speak a little more candidly about this joint creation shared between Casey and I. 1,163 more words


Finding a writer to co-author with.

Considering coauthoring a book? You are considering to undergo and amazing adventure. However, where to start? Where should you find someone to do this with? These are interesting and vital questions when considering where to go next. 273 more words