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Hemoragie (Romanian poem)

Îngheț, sângerez, încep iar să mă sting,
Încercând singurătatea s-o resping,
Și strigăte de ajutor, sute de-aș picta pe vene,
Tot nu m-ai găsi, căci rătăcit mă simt printre catrene. 75 more words


The Man who Sold the World

Written on his suicide note, he quoted Neil Young’s lyric, “better to burn out than to fade away” – Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain committed suicide inside his home in Seattle, Washington in April 05, 1994.


'Kurt' it Out

Started in 1988 and will end where hopes die and Drain You. About a Girl who believed in the Smell of Teen Spirit. Together with The Man Who Sold the World but full of Lithium for his choice of Verse Chorus Verse. 112 more words

garage and musak -Kurt Cobain

Canadian Interview

Cobain spoken of his artistic profession, and the non-artistic hassles of entertainment business, and clears some misinformations of inspirations ans such. From my fan readings of art guilds, its appears to be still relevant. 424 more words


Who Will Speak for the Threes?!

Things happen in threes. That’s the saying, anyway. People always apply that phrase when unfortunate events seem to be raining down on them. Or, there are some things we share as a society, like Prince, Bowie and Cornell. 508 more words