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This is not about Kurt Cobain

Do you know the Foo Fighters? Of course you do, they’re one of today’s biggest rock bands; they can fill Wembley in no time. Except if you’ve spend the last twenty years in a cave, you must have heard of them. 1,965 more words

Musical Reviews

In which Kurt Cobain enables me to appreciate James Taylor, somewhat (and Lukas Graham is also mentioned)

James Taylor was trending on Yahoo, and I clicked because I thought he’d died. Not that I want him to die, but famous musicians are dying fast this year (Prince, Glenn Frey, David Bowie) and I couldn’t think of another reason why James Taylor would be trending. 842 more words



Tiny Cobain, ubiquitous wielder of destinies –
Who drove the bus straight into my dreams
I think of this day often:

The calculator in-mouth versus… 116 more words

Chaase Dylan

Non sempre e nemmeno spesso. Ma é comunque bellissimo.

Passano gli Interpol (next exit), sotto il portico dell’Università di filosofia, odore di tacos, chiazze di salsa Valentina sul pavimento, la biblioteca interamente dipinta a fare da ombra. 477 more words


Poems by Scott Thomas Outlar -Looking for a Cherry, Pulpit and Heart-Shaped Phoenix

Looking for a Cherry

Vonnegut said,
so it goes.

So it did,
so it does,
so it ever will.

I suppose some truths
just can’t be topped. 165 more words


kurt cobain: twenty-two years.

Hard to believe it’s been two decades since the grunge-rock frontman Kurt Cobain passed away in April of 1994. Nearly two years ago I had the luxury of visiting Kurt’s hometown of Aberdeen, as well as Olympia where Nirvana spent much of their early years scraping by. 433 more words