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What Vagina? (Patience: the virtue)

Nothing, something, anything, nothing. I laid in bed hung over on cough syrup all day, he behaved like an asshole, he said. I wanted to believe the powers were mine, mind powers, talking powers, the powers of the depersonalized – alas, I am stark and shitty – invariably, hormone doping body powers pushed overdrive.   458 more words

Chaase Dylan

Curt Cobaine Turns 27

   Nirvana, a popular hard rock and metal band from the 90’s, saw their lead singer Curt Cobaine turn 27 yesterday. Cobaine killed himself tragically several years ago and may be part of several conspiracy theories involving his wife Courtney Love. 155 more words



Tænker man 90’er-musik kommer man ikke uden om kult-bandet over dem alle; Nirvana. Med Kurt Cobain i spidsen. Nirvana var et typisk “grunge-band”, som blandede heavy med indie. 110 more words


Fridge Flash: Wiggly Tooth

Wiggly Tooth

by Cobain Leftwich

Hello, I’m Cobain!  I am 8 years old.

I have Tony Hawk shoes, long blue hair, dark eyes like chocolate and a wiggly tooth.   236 more words

Fridge Flash

Cobain Suicide Shirt: Profiting from Death

Shocking fashion statements are nothing new, but in the past few years attempts to connect with the new generation of ‘edgy’ teenagers has pushed its limit. 553 more words