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Poems by Scott Thomas Outlar -Looking for a Cherry, Pulpit and Heart-Shaped Phoenix

Looking for a Cherry

Vonnegut said,
so it goes.

So it did,
so it does,
so it ever will.

I suppose some truths
just can’t be topped. 165 more words


kurt cobain: twenty-two years.

Hard to believe it’s been two decades since the grunge-rock frontman Kurt Cobain passed away in April of 1994. Nearly two years ago I had the luxury of visiting Kurt’s hometown of Aberdeen, as well as Olympia where Nirvana spent much of their early years scraping by. 433 more words

Kurt Cobain: my final rant

before i write this i know, we are going to see our numbers drop like a rock. When we first looked into the Cobain case we knew about the film soaked in bleach, it’s a good movie well done nice mix of acting and real recordings and a lot based if fact. 757 more words

Netflix Must-see: Soaked in Bleach

Time adds less clarity and more mystery, and the death of Nirvana dynamo Kurt Cobain proves as no exception to the adage. 463 more words

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the Dark Druid's point of view about the Kurt Cobain gun pictures release

So the first question i have to ask is how is there new information coming out about his case? When the case report was put online it was said that this was everything they had that could be released to the public now these pictures show up. 859 more words