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Decades of copper and cobalt mining in
the Democratic Republic of Congo not
only transformed the landscape of the
city of Lubumbashi, but also caused… 113 more words


The River Speaks, Art

Lying beneath the stark blue skies, the Murchison River is gouged deep into the red sienna earth. Quiet and at peace, for now.

Ancient. 400 million years old with many a story to tell. 467 more words


Cobalt Story

© yuzukho 2016, Cobalt Story, acrylic on paper, 21.0×15.0 cm


Kalbarri Trail

Kalbarri, W.A. that’s  Western Australia not Washington.

Its very different indeed from my Pacific Northwest background. Though there areas, can look similar to east of the Cascade ranges…. 193 more words


How to Put Together a Outfit in Black That Stands Out

Confession: I love black.

I think it started in high school when my 21-year-old drummer boyfriend told me that brunettes didn’t look good in black. My rebellious heart said, “Oh, yeah?” and promptly considered changing my name to Jet (I did, at least, get wise and dump him). 144 more words