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Blackberry Cobbler

Cobbler is my kind of “fruit cake”. It’s fruit in cake, right? Ha! And so yummy. Blackberry cobbler is one of my husband’s favorite desserts. Somebody ordered one from me for Thanksgiving and my hubby almost cried watching it leave our house. 192 more words

Pear and Cranberry Cobbler

Cobblers were created when the English settlers in their American colonies were not able to bake their traditional desserts for lack of suitable ingredients. As a French settler, in my humble American colony, often struggling to find my French go-to ingredients, I felt quite entitled to bake a cobbler for our Thanksgiving dinner. 320 more words

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Medieval Monday: Boots, Shoes, and Walking Medieval

Early in the period, footwear was still influenced by the Romans and nomadic European tribes that came before. They were largely stiff, poor quality, stitched leather wraps with laces to hold them to the ankle—not much better than walking barefoot. 596 more words

Allison D. Reid

The Dookie Cake

Dump Cake. That’s the official, albeit unflattering, name of one of my favorite recipes. It’s not as bad, however, as what Brother calls it — Dookie Cake. 445 more words

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