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Chocolate Cobbler

Chocolate Cobbler

(adapted from the South Your Mouth Blog)

Now this is good.  You probably have all the ingredients in your refrigerator and pantry right now, but I wouldn’t recommend making it unless you’ve got a lot of people to share it with.  328 more words


Hooray, August is National Peach Month!

Did you know? I didn’t know until a few days ago, but it seemed like a perfect excuse to make a peach cobbler. My Nana, God bless her, made the absolute best peach cobbler. 133 more words


When Costco Sells You Overripe Peaches...

make peach cobbler.

I know I’m preaching to the converted, because people who read food blogs care about food, where it comes from and how it’s used. 95 more words


George Clark and Elizabeth Phoebe Rye Morris

Phoebe wiped tears from her face as her creek-soaked children happily burst into their small summer home. “Why are you crying,” they asked. Phoebe quickly got them pulling molasses candy as she pushed back on her memories. 431 more words


Beautiful Ugly Apples

Today is Happle Day (Happy Apple Day) where we eat apple cobbler from our very own apples for dinner. (I just made this holiday up as the cobbler was baking.) I happily have two gallon bags of frozen apples and a bunch of peels and cores in the fridge. 178 more words

Part 2

PXE Boot ESXi6 From Ubuntu with Cobbler

I’m working in a lab where the nodes I have available are generally Ubuntu 14.4. I won’t go into why but thats what we’re working with. 1,765 more words


[Recommended Reading] Cobbler

Source: Cobbler Wikipedia

Cobbler is a Linux provisioning server that facilitates and automates the network-based system installation of multiple computer operating systemsfrom a central point using services such as…

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