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1 cup of Bisquick (I used generic)
1 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 cup of melted butter
1 29 ounce can of sliced, diced or whichever peaches (the big fat can) – drained… 164 more words


Red, White and Blue Cobblerettes

You’ve probably heard of “Dump Cake” or “Cake Mix Cobbler”. It’s where you take dry cake mix, canned pie filling and butter and turn it into a delicious cobbler-esque dessert. 392 more words


நடைபாதை ஓரம்,
அறுந்த தோல்கள்,
பழைய செருப்புகளின் நெடி!
டீ குடித்த குவளை,
நசுங்கிய தண்ணீர் பாட்டில்,
உயிர்நாடியாய் ஊசியும் நூலும்,
தடித்த கருங்கல்,
லாவகமாய் தைக்கும்  கைவிரல்கள்!
ஆனாலும் இவரும் தெய்வம்தான்!
வண்டியிலிருந்து இறங்கினாலும்,
கோவில் போல் செருப்பை கழட்டிவிட்டு,
நிற்கின்றனர் இவரிடம்!


The Makers

While travelling through the Nai Bazaar of Chauri Chaura, I noticed base of kettledrums sitting on roadside and then found this shabby kiosk and an old man inside it. 98 more words


Apple and Cranberry Cobbler

Sunday nights are family night, which usually consists of myself, my father, my stepmother and my grandmother. Occasionally we’re joined by my stepsister and her fiance. 183 more words


Thirty-Three Apple Pies

Late one afternoon in mid-march, as winter stubbornly continued to dictate the weather patterns in North America, I had a sudden and unforeseen yearning for apple pie. 973 more words

Restaurant Review

Summer Berry Buttermilk Cobbler

This evening, we had my godmother (and her dog!) over for dinner on a whim, and all we had to use for dessert was a sorry half-used carton of buttermilk and a fridge full of ripe summer berries. 287 more words