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Right, I need some hive-mind help

But before we go there, I need to apologise for the absence of the Monday thing – or at least explain why it didn’t happen. See, I’ve been away… 171 more words


So. Prague a little ahead of schedule

Had planned and mostly booked a Christmas trip to Prague and Russia when I got a call from my daughter – on exchange at Charles University in Prague – that she had broken her ankle. 469 more words


10 Things* I Learned in Portugal

*Not like, actual helpful things.

  1. Do not walk on the cobblestones in the rain. Even on a nice day, it’s a suspenseful choice. It’s as if they built the streets to be smooth and slippery on purpose to weed out the masses (it’s working).
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They once lay on the riverbed, smoothed over by soft tides and the trickle of time. Now they are set in hard sand; worn further by boots, wheels, and the elements.

-Granada, Spain. 2017.


“The past was but the cemetery of our illusions:
one simply stubbed one’s toes on the gravestones.”

~ Émile Zola ~

Digitally enhanced image created from an original photo taken in Paris in September 2017. 7 more words


August Break 2017: monochrome

Snapped on a lunchtime walk in my Cambridge neighborhood. I’m really liking my new Rothys flats. (That’s a referral link, but this post isn’t sponsored: I’m just happy to have found a comfy, stylish shoe I can walk in. Bonus: they match the cobblestones.)