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Who would you give the key to YOUR Springfield?

Springfield, Missouri and Springfield, Illinois have recently handed over the key to their respective cities to two very different characters. Choose yours here >> http://goo.gl/qO6unz

Awesome Cosplay Of The Day

Yo Joe! Check out this Super Awesome Cobra Commander!


Springfield, Illinois hands Cobra Commander the keys to the city

There are days in the life of every politician when they have to look at their daily schedules and say to themselves, “Is all the power I have really worth… 317 more words


Cobra Commander takes the key to Springfield, IL; this is NOT The Onion

Once again, this is NOT The Onion.  The city of Springfield, IL has given the key to the city to Cobra Commander, leader of the Cobra organization.  87 more words


Cobra Commander Gets Keys to the City to Promote JoeCon

To help promote JoeCon, which will be held April 9-12, the Mayor of Springfield, Illinois J. Michael Houston gave a key to the city to… 121 more words


Springfield, IL., Just Gave The Key To The City To The Cobra Commander

Yeah, for real.

Well helpless residents 0f Springfield, Illinois get on your knees and beg for mercy. Your Mayor J. Michael Houston has given the key to the city to…… Cobra Commander?!?! 134 more words


'GI Joe' Villain Cobra Commander Just Received The Key To The City Of Springfield, Illinois

Cobra Commander didn’t have to do much to be welcome in the city of Springfield, Illinois. Basically he just had to waltz into town for a convention and… 326 more words