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Cobra Kai Episode 5 & 6 - Hitting its Stride

Cobra Kai Episodes 5 & 6 takes the story to another level and the series hits its stride.  Don’t get me wrong, this series still preaches self-motivation, but now episodes 5 & 6 seem to promote “flipping the script” on your own, when life deals you a bad hand.  533 more words


Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But the Rent...

…you’ve got to have a J-O-B… if you wanna be…um… sane??  Ok, maybe not everyone, but definitely for me!  I’ve recently had to rediscover why staying at home for long lengths of time is not a great option for me.  1,075 more words


Mapping Biological Diversity: Day 24

Photo contributed by Marjorie Marasigan

It’s #WildlifeWednesday and our featured species is non other the Philippine Cobra!

Click on the blue pin (Day 24) or use the and find Day 24 to know more about our species for today. 45 more words

Mapping Biological Diversity

Cobra Entry Protocols Update ~ May 15, 2018

Please take what resonaes with you, and leave the rest, and…



Cobra Entry Protocols Update. By 2012Portal.

Entry Protocols blog post has triggered strong reactions and so it requires an update. 645 more words

The inner-earth resistance movement and ascension

During this Tuesday morning (May 15), Rodrigo Romo – one of the greatest names in world spirituality, speaker, author of over 50 books and creator and disseminator of the technique Rometria, made in his Instagram (@rromoaventura) a live in Portuguese describing his encounter with the intra-earth resistance movement last night. 1,074 more words


Entry Protocols Update ~ May 14, 2018

Entry Protocols blog post has triggered strong reactions and so it requires an update.

First, it was never claimed that pre-Event entries into the Resistance will happen. 393 more words

RM Agarthans and Cobra – Jared Rand ~ May 14, 2018

And the beat goes on…the beat of the war drum now involving spiritual leaders. Humanity is now seeing Cobra, Fulford, David Wilcock, LoveHasWon.com, IN5D.com and others claiming some of spiritual or geo-political knowledge questioned about their truthfulness or…shutting down their websites. 1,838 more words