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Naka003 capture


Bart’s been quite concerned for a while about the number of snakes we are tracking on the project, obviously the more snakes tracked the more data we have to play with. 661 more words


Cobra Update on the Event Meditation Results & 2 Interviews ~ Nov. 23, 2015

Now here is the answer we are all waiting for…how did the planetary meditation go on Nov. 21? Cobra comes to us today with the very good news that the meditation was a sucess! 170 more words

Trust me! Trust me?

Hubby asked me the other day if I’d help him work on his Cobra (Bhujaṅgāsana). We’ve yet to do this, but even the request has blown me away. 382 more words


Event Meditation Update ~ Nov. 20, 2015

Can humanity do this? Or better put perhaps, will humanity do this? Tomorrow, humanity has the opportunity to join together by co-joining our individual consciousness’s into an elevated mass… 226 more words

William Gear (1915 - 1997) - City Art Centre, Edinburgh

We have already written a fairly long piece on the painter William Gear (1915 – 1997). Gear was one of only two British members of the post-war, European, avant-garde movement CoBrA in the 1940s. 406 more words

Field Trip


There is something about a Carroll Shelby Ford Cobra that screams American corporate hotrodding at its best.  (Shelby also built the Mustang SCCA racecars in the 60’s.) 220 more words

'Nam Snake - part 1

I admit – I don’t build helicopters that often. But every once in a while, a helicopter model crosses my modelling bench. And when I saw the MPM announcement a few years ago, that they will be releasing a new tool first generation Cobras in 1:72, I wanted to build one. 330 more words

Scale Model