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Trolley Build

Most people seem to think a trolley for keeping the body up off the floor is a good is a good idea. So here is mine. 146 more words


Situation Update ~ Dec. 8, 2017

Ah! Cobra comes to us with another important message about where humanity is at, in his opinion, in our quest for FREEDOM! I Am really quite tired, but wanted to make this important message public. 488 more words

Lats like a cobra!

Today was chest and back day. I wore out my chest and did a number on my back. LORD.

My back is so sore in an incredibly amazingly awesomely good way. 741 more words


Karuna 5 ~ Dec. 5, 2017

Wow, just wow!

Cobra has released a couple of videos that speaks to my heart about why we are all encased in turmoil these days. The story of this video is a compelling tool that speaks to the my heart and, in the log run…isn’t that all what this whole charade is about…your heart? 108 more words