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The Right to be Wrong is Killing Us

Since this country’s founding, we have cherished the right to be wrong.  Every American (well, every land-owning straight, white Christian male American) has had the unfettered right to not only hold provably and demonstrably false beliefs, but even more, to… 950 more words


Joven Bruxas (The Craft) - 1996

Quatro jovens descobrem que a união… e a macumba, fazem a força!

O Ministério da Magia adverte, que somente uma em quatro adolescentes irá usar poderes sobrenaturais para atividades mundanas, como descolorir o cabelo ou dar uma lição no ex-ficante. 796 more words


The Early Years: Jim's Clarinet Sounds Like A Chicken

So last week, I posted an ancient report card progress report and mentioned that when I played the clarinet, our dog, Miss Marple (AKA “Missy”), would plant herself in front of me and howl. 365 more words


Help! I need new tires! - Update

Whelp, at around 12400 miles, its time for some new boots. I can squeeze a couple more thousand miles on my tires before replacing them, so what better way to figure out what to buy than by making a blog post about it… 1,074 more words

Harley Davidson

Nag Panchami - Good For Snakes?

Held annually at the end of July, Nag Panchami is an ancient traditional Indian festival originally aimed at worshiping snakes by promoting a deep respect towards them. 160 more words

Monacled Cobra

Monocled cobras are found from India in the west through to China, Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as on the Malay Peninsula and are native to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, and Thailand. 90 more words

Cobretti Engineering and More lies.

God this guy Busbridge as I’ve said ad infinitum is “The Worlds Biggest Liar” and just now Ive seen yet another of his monumental lies. 233 more words