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Cobweb of Ghosts

by Esther Davis

I watched the lone survivor ease back into the conscious world. Bloodied mud and scarlet-stained moss lay around him. I ran my tongue over the flesh wedged between my teeth, savoring the taste of centaur. 1,965 more words


The Weaver

An autumn-winter sun shines down
through a sky blue morning
gossamer strings shimmer in stillness
as the weaver works
with quick but delicate industry
spinning threads of sunlight. 39 more words


Invitation to a Dream

The sun enthroned at its height
gleaming gold, glorious light
now falls away to gentle pink
to greet the starlit night.

Gentle hands and dancing feet… 67 more words


Timro Maya by Cobweb

तिम्रो त्यो आँखामा मैले
देखे संसार मेरै
बिहानीको किरण हो की
शितल बतास हौ
तिम्रो माया
तिम्रो माया

मेरो यो गीतमा मैले
पाए आभाष तिम्रै
बिहानीको किरण हो की
शितल बतास हौ
तिम्रो माया
तिम्रो माया

बाध्यता र विवशताको डोरीले
सकिदैन यो मन बाध्न कहिल्यै
माया गर्नेछु सधैँ तिमीलाई
जती गर्छु अहिले
तिम्रो माया
तिम्रो माया….

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Arachnid Syndrome

There exists a hitherto unsuspected offshoot of Stockholm Syndrome.

You know…that condition where you identify with your adversaries…where you begin to appreciate them and teeter on the brink of joining them. 373 more words

Just Bitchin'

View From The Conservatory

For several weeks now I haven’t posted any “views”. Due in part to the demolition and rebuild of our conservatory. The process of this resurrection is something that I have been boring you with for seven weeks or more. 74 more words

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