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there was a hush this morning,
the kind of eerie nothing
when even pasty cobwebs
don’t stir in the uneven breath of watchful feet,
they had all gone, 174 more words


cobweb by newscorpion

while coming back from summer house in the early morning there was a bit fog, was driving very slowly then I saw some brushes near road they were shining and result this. 7 more words


Cobweb City - Ciudad telaraña

If you see through the “cobwebs” you will find a unique and beautiful place.

Las texturas de mi extrañada La Paz.

Cobweb City

Cobweb City

Cobweb City


Prompt for December 19: Four Lines of Prose about Cobwebs

It was a slow—agonizingly slow—journey through the house. Every corner and crevice was white lace, with the layers of dust overlaid by cobwebs. Ever the adventurer, Chester had no qualms about the disarray: he was far too busy tearing the cobwebs from their holdings and shaking them about as if they were his rope. 12 more words