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Cobweb, Sally D, Mary Oliver, & Taniel

I originally drafted this post last week, but then decided I was supposed to be using an in-phone app for the processing. So, I’m dishing up my images for this week. 488 more words

Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge

Set Design

A cold walk with the dogs today began with low lying clouds but, once the mists cleared, they revealed a wonderful, sparkling day; today’s outdoor set design brought to you by the ice…and spiders. 9 more words

A housefly’s corpse!

Under the unruffled sheet of the sky,
I was pondering over
The aesthetic worth of a housefly’s corpse!

It was stuck in a cobweb;
I thought it was alive. 178 more words

Faerie Queen

Heavy is the hand that holds the lavender sprig (or something). Some faerie royalty I drew at work over the past fall.

Character Designs