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A gift for the spider

Germany, Oktober 2014

The night left the spider a little present, before it ran away, chased by the daylight. It carefully installed little prefect round diamonds on the cobwebs. 33 more words

Weasel's Pics

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Frame

A person with positive frame of mind sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. /Anil Sinha/

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Frame



My thoughts don’t have any manners

interrupt and irritate

necessitating wrangle spanners

defences for my spider web

miracles don’t need flies

if I’m floating on eight legs… 30 more words


Captured by Beauty

I found this flower beautiful and it caught my eye because apparently so did the spider who lives under its petals. Bright enough coloured flowers will surely  lure his dinner in and then he just spins his web on the unsuspecting insect, sounds alot like life, so many things aren’t always what they seem.