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Faerie Queen

Heavy is the hand that holds the lavender sprig (or something). Some faerie royalty I drew at work over the past fall.

Character Designs

The Ultimate Scary Spider Story - And It's All True!

This is an amazing photograph.  I’m not claiming any great skill, it was just a smartphone point-and-click but the story behind it is extraordinary.

It looks like a cold winter’s day with frost glistening across the fields, doesn’t it?   159 more words



cold New Year’s Eve night

cobweb blows near front window

clings to last year’s eave


Inside there are jellyfish

How many fires do you think were lit back in the baddest, of coldest, of days.

Where have all of the question marks gone?

It costs more to make them than any other type of punctuation. 428 more words

Dewy web

Just a little bit of breeze will shake it all off…

Robotic Spider

I woke up covered in cob webs. I brushed them off of me and jumped out of bed. They were a thick weave silk type of web. 141 more words

MC Dreams


My mind is cluttered with such trivial things

With blackbirds that crow and robins that sing

With heralds that cry and poets who speak

And mountains with yodelers belting from peaks… 73 more words