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A veil of cobwebs

Wednesday 20th June 2018, 12.25pm (day 2,491)

This statue in St. George’s Fields wears her cobwebs before her like a veil. This park used to be a cemetery: London does give good cemetery, amongst other things (see Highgate). 38 more words

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5th June 2018 (Project 365)

This morning was cloudy and dry but, after lunch, the mist and murk closed in, reducing visibility to a hundred yards or so. A fine drizzle blanketed the islands … sometimes not so fine! 48 more words

365 Project


{ I am traveling till the 18th and I am scheduling the uploads for the coming days. Chances are I might not have good connectivity, so please bear with me if my responses to comments (if any) are delayed. Thank you. }


Craft Living, with Anne and Malcolm ~ part 3

Some of you will recall that I’ve posted ‘Craft Living with Anne and Malcolm’ twice before, and so know that all the photos/pictures are all about having a bit of a giggle about something(s) that you might have normally not noticed about a craft inspired photograph. 489 more words

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Spring cleaning needed?

Monday 12th March 2018, 10.45am (day 2,391)

A profoundly uneventful day, spent entirely at home, working, with grey light. Time to poke around in the dusty corners of the house to get a usable photo — and to be thinking that maybe it was time they were made a little less dusty.

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DT 489

Horse and trap provided by fairy in play (6) = COBWEB

horse = COB, trap = WEB

Cobweb is one of Titania’s fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 32 more words

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