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63% of Americans Actively Avoid Drinking Soda

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  • Sixty-three percent of Americans actively try to avoid soda, compared to 41 percent in 2002
  • Rates of soda consumption have been dropping for decades, and Americans now consume about the same amount they did back in 1986…
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Fanta and Sprite Unfit For Drinking

My fellow Nigerians, be warned, we are in a great and terrible danger…
Because the most famous soft drink(Fanta and Sprite) are both:- 287 more words




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Семей,ный, Rodina, Famiglia, Keluarga, 家族, Család, საოჯახო 296 more words


Life Lessons From A Coca Cola Bottle

She stands august and tall in front of me, as pure
And refined as her dark effervescent body

She tells me, be like a kola nut, large in heart’s body… 279 more words


The List Of Best Sodas On Earth Doesn't Look Quite Like You'd Expect

The world has been eagerly awaiting this for generations. There’s is finally an official (seemingly unbiased) ranking of sodas and the results might surprise you. The top dog should be obvious, buts its longtime rival is strangely much lower on the list than expected. 625 more words

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Day 446 Coca Cola Life With Cane Sugar & Stevia Review

Good afternoon!

Disclaimer: Soft drinks are not healthy drinks because they contain high calories with empty vitamins and minerals. Also they can increase risk of dental carries and some contain caffeine. 193 more words

What Coca-Cola's Leadership Changes Tell Us About the Future of the Company

Coca-Cola has unveiled a senior leadership reshuffling that will take effect when President James Quincey becomes CEO later this spring, a shakeup observers say indicate the soda giant will focus more on beverage innovation. 587 more words