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“The Coke side of life” ─ When More Science Becomes Less Evident.

“It is not fair that Coca-Cola is signaled out as the #1 villain in the obesity world, but that is the situation and makes this your issue whether you like it or not. 807 more words

Raise your glass to Karma-Cola!

If I remember correctly, I’ve only drunk a coke twice in my life.  Nevertheless, I’ve often  been intrigued about Coca-Cola.  Why the mystery about its formula?  313 more words

Is there a link between energy drinks and brain injury in teens?


We’ve all seen the ads and heard the hype – such and such an energy drink will make you fly and perform other miracles. 969 more words

Health And ABI

Injun givers... French fashionistas and Coca-cola

Isabel Marant, a French designer, and the clothing line Antiquité Vatic claim they have intellectual rights to their new winter designs, which somehow bear a striking resemblance to those worn by the Mixe-speaking residents of Santa María Tlahuitoltepec, Oaxaca for … oh… forever.  386 more words

Real Mexico

'Support My School'

A six hour long Telethon for ‘Support My School’ campaign by NDTV, Coca-Cola and UN- Habitat was co-hosted by bollywood celebrity Ranveer Singh on 29th November. 146 more words

Chai Time

Best Studies On Showing What Happens When A Mouse Is Put In Mountain Dew For 30 Days

Over the past couple of years, the #CocaCola company has been plagued by an enormous amount of bad press, and for good reason. Here is what happens to your body just one hour after drinking a can of #Coke, and… 479 more words