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What Happens When You Take A Bath With Coke & Mentos?

We’ve all seen videos of people putting Mentos candies into a bottle of Coke. But, what if you dumped a bunch of Mentos into a bathtub full of… 43 more words


A Place at the Table - 13 - Coca-cola

A Place at the Table – 13 – Coca-Cola

God, we thank You for the freedom that is found in Christ. All other masters seek to oppress us and steal our joy. 527 more words


The very first upload. August 22, 2011.

Hello sexy people. Here is the moment when myself and my bestfriend decided we wanted to attempt to be youtube stars. I mean what does a couple of kids have to do to be noticed around here? 78 more words


Profits Before Morals: Coca-Colonisation

Coca Cola is part of the latest wave of corporations moving in to Africa to secure markets, land, resources and labour which promise vast corporate profits. 428 more words


This Is What Happens When You Jump Into A Coke-Filled Tub While Covered In Mentos

Think about the process that goes into this video. One presumably bored teen decides one day to test out the ol’ Coke + Mentos = EXPLOSION trick, but before the geyser happens, he has to buy a ton of soda, fill up a bathtub, tape subpar candy to his body, and jump into the bathtub. 16 more words

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Storyful for Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah Brooks, the former tabloid editor infamous for the News of the World phone hacking scandal is back in office. It is reported that she will be returning to… 58 more words