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Peruvian Paradise

Hello long-lost friends…well maybe only two of you that probably read this blog – but we are grateful that you do!  Brittany and I have conversed for some time now that we needed/wanted to revive our blog and clear the dust that has settled on it since it has been so long.  1,892 more words



Dami Sobo Smith: We all know traveling can get super expensive but you can make the most of it by combining a business trip with pleasure. 1,707 more words


Treating Altitude Sickness with Coca Tea in Cuzco, Peru

Andrew and I went to South America last year, and happily, this meant I could visit Machu Picchu!  Which I know I haven’t written about yet.   1,062 more words


Moving on!

It turns out that Lima was just an overnight stopover on the way to Cuzco. All I saw of Lima was the road to and from the airport. 205 more words

The Galapagos & The Andes

Gasping for Air in Cuzco

Cuzco is an equalizer of newcomers. A heavyweight who effortlessly levels all entering her domain. A formidable opponent who is ruthless to those nonchalant about her power. 1,542 more words


Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness hit me pretty hard in Peru. I’ve had an upset stomach, with severe cramping, alongside headaches and lightheadedness.

I was the first of 11 to suffer, followed by someone else in our group who got very dizzy and had a big headache. 286 more words