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New Losing the Plot, with Dylan Richards (Not Not Normal)!

Dylan Richards, aka House of Black Lanterns, aka King Cannibal, is a musician with a hugely impressive bio. It includes being “championed by the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, hand-picked by Björk to work on her recent ‘Biophilia’ project, selected by Liam Howlett to remix the Prodigy.” 123 more words

A Bit Late SoCS 11/11/17 - Ready to wrap my arm around it!

This post is a bit late link to Linda G. Hill’s SoCS 11/11/17 !

My issues with alcoholism and cocaine addiction just seem to keep sticking their heads up out of the sand, in fact each arm, leg, eye, ear, foot, hand and my entire head seems to keep getting buried. 67 more words

Get Help For Homes for Recovering Addicts

Recovering Addicts Homes:

Addiction develops because of the users need to escape from the different uncertainties that make-up their lives. Drugs, alcohol and pornographic materials usually offer this service, that is why they end up getting misused — mostly in the harmful sense. 368 more words


SoCS 09/9/2017 - MOTIVE

This post is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday!!!

Motive, what an interesting word. We all have a motive. Our motive depends on what we want. 527 more words

Opioid Addiction Around the World


The international consensus ranks the following 8 as the most addicted countries in the world:

  1. Iran- Heroin, 14.32% Per Capita…
  2. 1,008 more words

Late SoCS - 09/02/17 - BIRTH

This post is part of SoCS!

Here is my disclaimer, I started this very late last night and went to bed and I continued this evening so I apologize for the lateness again. 2,079 more words

Quality Rehabilitation Centre For Drug Addicts

It is strongly recommended to evaluate the seriousness of addiction you are dealing with before you start looking for the best Rehabilitation Centre for Drug Addicts… 393 more words