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The Shocking Statistics of Prescription Drug Addiction in America

Grammy winner Chaka Khan was the latest Hollywood celebrity to confess about her prescription drug addiction. After Prince’s death, she realized the value of life and decided to take an advanced step of going through a recovery process along with her sister, Yvonne Stevens. 379 more words

Cocaine Addiction

How To Spot a Cocaine Addict

Drug addiction in almost any form is regularly dangerous. Methadone is among the drugs that’s used commonly in drug rehab centers. Cocaine use creates a person unstable emotionally, together with physically. 496 more words

National Geographic 2016 New Documentary On Crack Addiction

A comprehensive look into the lives of people involved in the drug trade…including law enforcement, dealers, and addicts.

Cocaine Addiction

Helping a Loved One Get Out of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is one of the most rampant form of addiction in the US, primarily because of the availability of the drug in the streets. Cocaine, used to be referred to as Coke, C, or Charlie. 348 more words


Top 5 Visible Signs Of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is associated with risks to diseases, psychiatric disorders and even death. Despite this fact, many are hooked with cocaine as it brings a feeling of euphoria and positive energy to the user. 372 more words

Side Effects Of Cocaine Use

Cocaine is staple narcotic within America’s drug neighborhood. The White Home Drug Coverage estimates that at least 36.8 million Americans aged 12 and older have used cocaine at least once in their lives. 391 more words