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Addiction just might be symptomatic of something else...

During lunch the other day, I was responding to a question from a colleague about one of my own core beliefs about Addiction, which is that Addiction can be symptomatic of another issue, when someone in the next booth mumbled a comment under her breath that I knew was directed at me because I was able to make out the word, “Addiction” right before her mumbles took over. 299 more words


Cocaine Addiction & Kidney Damage

Cocaine is one of powerful drugs that can cause severe damage to the heart and kidneys. With the rise of cocaine addiction in the country, kidney problem has become more apparent among drug users. 469 more words

Alcohol Addiction

Get Help With Cocaine Addiction Treatment

In 2013, nearly 68 percent of people, who sought cocaine addiction treatment have also abused other drugs. In the same year, only 6 percent of the total admission to treatment centers are associated with cocaine use. 445 more words

Cocaine Addiction

The Anatomy of Sobering Up

I never wanna have to sober up again,
To be on the mend,
Having to fend off the shivers,
I feel like a piece of timber, 61 more words


Wards Island Nightmare

I’m homeless,
I have absolutely nothing

No where to go,
Simply going with the flow,
Up to Wards Island,
Hopefully this will come to an end… 85 more words


Music As Alternative Cocaine Addiction Therapy

Music therapy in treating various addictions such as cyrstal addiction is an effective tool for one’s recovery. Almost everyone appreciates music and for this reason, it is easy to incorporate music that delivers unlimited benefits for recovering addicts. 412 more words

Cocaine Addiction