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The right to water: an interview with Mike Gonzalez

Mike Gonzalez and Marienella Yanes are the authors of The Last Drop: The Politics of Water (Pluto: 2015). Mike talked to Nick Evans about the fight to put the world’s water back under democratic control, and the wider connections between climate change and class struggle. 2,079 more words


The Colorful Parade at the Feast of the Virgin Amparo

We went to Sacaba because we were looking for something. We should have known by then that we’d fail to find it. Our entire stay in Cochabamba, up until that point and until our last day, was characterized by fruitless searches. 492 more words


More Than Enough in Bolivia

I admit it. The food we were served in Bolivia was different than I and my seven companions were used to. No greens to speak of. 891 more words


Food, Beer & DINOS

We arrived in Cochabamba from chilly La Paz and were greeted with friendly people, sunny skies and wide, tree-lined streets. While we didn’t find much to do in Cochabamba outside of eat and drink well, the city offered a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of it’s larger neighbor. 485 more words

South America

Laughing To Myself

There are a lot of “…in the eye of the beholder” quotes online, FYI. I have to start this post by expressing my love for art. 3,762 more words


Bolivia's Charm in the High Hills

The sun set on Peru, and rose in Bolivia.

To traverse a one-hour time difference, we booked an itinerary including three planes and four landings. We changed planes in Lima, then flew to Santa Cruz, passing over Cochabamba, to La Paz passing over Cochabamba again, and then took another flight to Cochabamba. 916 more words


la mia stanza a Janajpacha- Cochabamba -Bolivia

Sono a Janjpacha, proprio quì ( pueblito Marquina, Quillacollo, Cochabamba). So bene che negli ultimi tempi non sto parlando di me, non considero questo come un diario, non ancora, ho il mio in cui scrivo tutto di tutto senza filtri; qui cerco di darmi una regolata, perchè ovviamente suonerebbe interessante. 499 more words

Travelling Brazil-Bolivia-Perù 2015