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Water Rights in Bolivia: The Consequences of Neoliberal Economics in Bolivia

In the early days of September, 1999 the President of Bolivia Hugo Banzer signed a contract with the Bechtel Corporation. This contract privatized the water supply of the Bolivian city of Cochabamba under the ownership of Aguas del Tunari, a subsidiary of the Bechtel Corporation. 697 more words

Human Rights Dossier

Water Inc: The Water Story of Bolivia. Aqua Para Todos

Water Inc: The Story of Bolivia  Aqua Para Todos

What do you even know about Bolivia? I know this: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid may or may not have died there. 2,258 more words


Weaving on the move

You don’t need special tools or lots of space to start weaving!

You can find or make everything you need to try ‘backstrap’ weaving – which uses a belt around the waist to secure one end of a simple loom. 133 more words

South America

London - Sao Paolo - Cochabamba

After 29 hours of travelling we have made it to the guesthouse in Cochabamba where we will be staying for the next week.

Firstly, we arrived in Heathrow airport and all gathered on the floor of cafe Nero, discussing various things we were excited and nervous about. 593 more words

ICS Journey

Bolivia #2: Altitude and Attitude

We flew into La Paz at dawn, the Andes outlined in black, gold and blue. I could see stars through my window – and realized they were stars I had never seen before. 647 more words

Talking about democracy - an interview from the frontline

It’s easy to rail about the failures of our governance systems – the unfairness of elections, the unaccountable behaviour of our governments or the grotesque abuse of democracy unfolding with… 329 more words