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Yellow invokes a feeling of warmth and comfort and it is definitely one of nature’s favorite hues. It feels sunny and happy and can brighten almost any day. 48 more words


La aventura comienza

Bienvenidos a Sabores Cochabamba, un lugar en el que les iré contando mis experiencias culinarias en los diferentes restaurantes o comida hecha en casa, puedes seguirme en   9 more words


Tin Rich - Bolivia

Bolivia is a South American country filled with Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert and Amazon Basin Rainforest. Its capitol, La Paz is on the Andes’ Altiplano Plateau and near Lake Titicaca– which is South America’s largest lake connecting Bolivia to Peru. 218 more words

Latin Culture

A Foray into Food Blogging

Today we’re going to learn how to cook vegan food for 8 people. Simple, right? So we’ll spice it up a bit! Let’s say…you’re in another country…Bolivia! 434 more words

New Adventures

Odds and Bobs

I’ve been in Cochabamba for three weeks now and my life is starting to settle into a routine. I prematurely feel like I’ve been here so long I shouldn’t do the touristy things, like visit the giant Christ statue that overlooks Cochabamba. 642 more words

New Adventures

Bolivia - Pachamama

I arrive to Pisiga, the town in the border very late at night. In the emigration they stamped one time for 30 days, I asked more, they stamp another 30 days, and I asked more, and they gave me another 30 days, which is the maximum I can take, 90 days. 771 more words

The Trappings of a Home

I’m usually a pretty intense planner. Back in the U.S. I would spend a ridiculous amount of time finding things to do or prepping for mountaineering stuff and then following those nice orderly plans. 416 more words

New Adventures