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My Lesson in Love

A new baby arrived last week at the orphanage. When I got there on Wednesday, I found her sleeping in a crib — a tiny dark-haired bundle wrapped in a yellow blanket. 600 more words


The Stages of Protest in Bolivia

I have fallen so much for Bolivia that it’s hard to say what I like most. But the lively political and social debates, the culture of discussion, the broad interest in questions that concern all of society, the readiness to get involved personally, all of that plays a big part. 855 more words


Wedding Crashers

You know the movie Wedding Crashers? It’s about two guys whose pick-up strategy consists of attending weddings, even when not invited, because that’s where single women are desperate and in a romantic mood. 42 more words


A Simple Gift at Easter

Another adventure. This one involving a ride in a taxi trufi to an unfamiliar area “off the beaten path.” (I now have a clearer vision of just what that term means.) 845 more words


A tree who barks doesn't bite

I am not sure if this is normal for this kind of tree or if it’s sick. The bark came off in several layers, revealing red wood underneath. 12 more words


Full Moon in Cochabamba

All photos were taken on Plaza 14 de Septiembre in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Obviously, anyone with a tripod could do a better job. If you want to know when the next full moon is, just ask one of the Incas. They know this stuff.


For the Love of a Child

Nearly a dozen orphaned babies. Another 14 or so toddlers less than 2-years old. Put them together with my desire to be una abuela (grandma) and you have the perfect scenario at the Solomon Klein orphanage where I volunteer two afternoons a week. 525 more words

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