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The other side of Bolivia - cloud forests, convents and a Che Guevara pilgrimage - in the Oriente

The llamas must have good agents – they get all the good press. There they are on the front covers of the guidebooks and all the tourist literature, along with the volcanoes, brightly coloured rugs and shawls and Aymaran women sporting bowler hats. 866 more words


A Trip to Ancient Ruins

After spending a relaxing day in Cochabamba, we visited the ancient ruins of the Inca village, Incallajta. They were amazing to see, especially from the top of the 10,500 foot peak above the village. 14 more words


Out of the Jungle

After a couple of days trekking through the Amazon jungle, we’re back in Cochabamba, happy to have a hot shower again. We had an incredible time and will tell you all about it when we’re back home, but here are a couple of photos to let you know what we’ve been seeing. 20 more words


First Full Day in Cochabamba, Bolivia

After thirty hours travelling yesterday, we spent our first full day in Cochabamba. We are about to leave in the morning for a couple of days in the Amazon jungle. 28 more words


My Lesson in Love

A new baby arrived last week at the orphanage. When I got there on Wednesday, I found her sleeping in a crib — a tiny dark-haired bundle wrapped in a yellow blanket. 600 more words


The Stages of Protest in Bolivia

I have fallen so much for Bolivia that it’s hard to say what I like most. But the lively political and social debates, the culture of discussion, the broad interest in questions that concern all of society, the readiness to get involved personally, all of that plays a big part. 855 more words


Wedding Crashers

You know the movie Wedding Crashers? It’s about two guys whose pick-up strategy consists of attending weddings, even when not invited, because that’s where single women are desperate and in a romantic mood. 42 more words