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Great Moments In Gchat History

If you work at a desk in front of a computer all day chances are you use Gchat. If you don’t have a Gchat account chances are you aren’t reading this post because you probably still have a MySpace account and live in 2004. 297 more words

Mini DIY project: Men's shirt

Hello dearest friends,

So yesterday my friend and I were caught up for some reason whatsoever in the men’s department… And we figured out that some prints that are quite awesome have been only provided for the male fashion. 54 more words


#trappedinart: "Assimilating Parellel Universes" by Sharon Ryder

Last night my sister Bryce and I attended Sharon Ryder’s art show at The Coachella Valley Art Scene. I’ve been following Coachella Valley Art Scene for awhile and I love the that they celebrate local artists. 182 more words

Summer Concert Fashion

May means outdoor concert season has begun. A few of my favorite girls and myself are going to Lana Del Rey here in Dallas this weekend and I am debating between these three options. 44 more words


April Fashion — Take 3 

With the weather getting warmer, I’m already in a summer mind set…well almost.

I have been having this crazy new view on sandals and no I’m not talking about the feminine super strapped ones but the worn out ones like…the Birkenstock sandals. 547 more words


Peace, Love, Unity...Refund?

EDM(electric dance music) music festival prices are sky rocketing to unrealistic rates, and the DJs are the ones to blame.

Over the last few years EDM music popularity has reached all time peaks making the DJ’s some of the highest paid performers in the…

324 more words