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Reunion side trip, Michigan, 1946

I recently posted a photo taken at the 1946 Foster Cousins Reunion at Lake Higgins near Roscommon, Michigan. That photo portrayed almost everyone who attended. This one — another from my cousin Nancy — is most likely from one of the ‘field trips’ made to someplace away from the resort each day. 268 more words


Foster Cousins Reunion, Michigan 1946

In September of 1946 the cousins of Carolyn (Gage) Rockefeller started arriving in a convoy of cars at the resort that she and her husband Guy owned on the shores of Lake Higgins near Roscommon, Michigan. 687 more words


Postcard from Cochran: Overexposed

The glare makes everything
and the sound of the cicadas
almost as much
as the heat
and the best place to be
is the pool… 81 more words


Becky Holland: This is for Tara

I have a friend, who in every sense of the word, is the epitome of the definition of a Southern Belle. She is truly a cross between Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind, Dolly Parton’s character from Steel Magnolias, Becky Thatcher from Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. 329 more words

Becky Holland

Premier First Draft Video

I took the same approach for the video draft as I have for my other pieces – focusing on music education through a particular person and instrument. 357 more words


A Christian Flag at City Hall? That Doesn't Fly in the US

Apparently you don’t have to read the Constitution in order to serve as a government official. ¬†According to WGXA News in Cochran, GA, the local city council voted 5 to 1 to fly a Christian flag outside its city hall,¬†disregarding the First Amendment and the oodles of church-state separation lawsuits that have been decided over the past century. ¬† 206 more words

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