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Has someone used a MeCbl treatment for patients or has been treated with MeCbl? What for and what were the outcomes?

What is MeCbl

  • Discovered in 1962 (1) as a conezyme form of vitamin B12, MeCbl (methylcobalamin) acts as a methyltransferase cofactor.
  • Methyltransferases are B12-dependent enzymes.
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Back And Neck Pain

How Safe and Effective are e-cigarettes?

Are e-cigarettes healthy and safe ?

Are they a better alternative to normal cigarettes?

Public Health England are saying it’s a concern …

Here is the debate from a study questioning its benefits and effectiveness; 547 more words


Yoga for better health- what does the scientific evidence say

Anand Viswanathan

For a brief while last month, yoga floored India, literally. The first International Yoga day was observed on 21 June 2015 with fervor across the country and at key places around the world. 398 more words

Cardiovascular Disease

The battle of interpreting research results to specific audiences

Evidence-based medicine has been called “cookbook medicine” by some of its more vocal critics. This implies that evil faceless organisations like Cochrane aim to turn all healthcare workers into mindless automatons who blindly follow dictums derived solely from scientific evidence. 755 more words

E-cigarettes can help smokers quit

A leading international review has discovered emerging evidence that use of electronic cigarettes by smokers can help stop or reduce their smoking.

[U]sing an containing nicotine increased the chances of stopping smoking long-term…

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2014's top posts: #7

The evidence-base for 12 step recovery

There’s a fresh round of attacks on AA as pseudo-science in need of sober debunking. All based on one book that is getting impressive publicity. 1,400 more words