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Professional Puppies

Sweet, sleepy, playful, feisty – however they come puppies are priceless. They are such bundles of love, personality and I enjoy their antics more than I can say. 441 more words


My Dog: The Search Begins.

I am having a blast. Every walk now involves a conversation with dog owners since I am shamelessly stopping anyone with a dog that looks suitable for my purposes and asking for advice. 376 more words

Listen Up, Betches.

I may be writing this after 3 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, but hey, el vino es el verdad.

I’ve read He’s Just Not That Into You… 654 more words

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Crazy Horses

New Year’s Day dawned bright and crispy in the hood.

Having utterly disgraced myself on the 26th December by over- libating in an eight- hour marathon at the Christmas dinner table the night before and thus unable to entertain invited guests (indeed unable to stand, sit or speak), I resolved to drink little on New Year’s Eve, see 2015 in, withdraw to bed at a reasonable o’clock and rise early to walk the boy dog on Chorleywood Common on the first of the first. 1,297 more words

Meet The Carmichaels

I Am Ginger

Some of you might remember the acrostic poem I did on our cockapoo, Ginger. Well, now she got her own faithwriters story on the topic of Gluttony. 763 more words


My dog has a bit of trouble using stairs

Whether it’s going up or down the stairs, she has a slight fear with our stairs. Today, I found her halfway down and I had to give her some moral support to get to the bottom.

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Cockapoos making a splash

There are lots of snaps to upload from our adventures since out last Spring update. First up is a little excursion to the beach for some cockapoo coastal fun…