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The Best of Friends

This weekend my family suffered a blow when my daughter Alex (Baby Chick) went into our bird room and discovered that her bird, Nemo, had passed away in the night.   565 more words


Professional Petting Bird

When Peanut was no longer able to fly due to her faulty landing gear, she took on a new area of work and became a Professional Petting Bird.  137 more words

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Mysterious Typing

One day I went to work and left Peanut out. It was a small studio and it was just Peanut and I. She had a perch set up by a sink and would often spend her day arguing with her nemesis in the mirror. 74 more words

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Video Wednesday: "Neck Feathers"

It is a big responsibility to be feathery and famous and have flocks of fans (both feathered and featherless).

You have so much to do – preening, showering, chowing, nesting, napping….. 63 more words

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Monday Happys: Where You Find Love, You Will Find Feathers

Yay! Monday Happys are back!

When polled, featherless beings very reliably choose “Monday” as their least favorite day of the week (on account of something they call “work”). 78 more words

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Photo #3

Who’s a pretty bird? I seem to have a knack for bird photos. There were quite a few birds in the top 10 last year. Here’s a pretty Cockatiel.