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Adventures of a Cane Corso: Meeting the Birds

As with everything in our house, the day Indigo discovered our cockatiels was one of those moments I wished I was on a prime time comedic sitcom. 433 more words

Questions on cockatiel personality

My Cockatiel dexter is smart, and he steps up whenever I offer my finger, he will eat out of my hand. Dexter will never play with toys though, I have many toys in his cage and he has never once made an attempt to play with them, I also bought him an outside of cage play perch thing and he wont go near it, every time I face him towards it or try to get him to explore it he just flies back to my shoulder, he stays on my shoulder whenever I take him out, he doesn't like to play with toys or explore, he just wants to sit on my shoulder. 44 more words


Two Parrot Poems

These two were published in Red Wheelbarrow at DeAnza College in San Jose, a beautiful journal.


My Amazon parrot greets me
as he has since the day… 356 more words

Birds are Rude

The nerve of this little guy. There’s a reason I can never seem to get any work done and that reason’s name is Dipper.

I’ve made good progress on the book, though. 36 more words

Book Review

NanoPoblano 2017 - Day 25 - Talking Animals

NanoPoblano 2017 – Day 25 – Talking Animals

#NanoPoblano 2017

Talking Animals

Animals can not talk like humans, but they do communicate with us if they are reared by humans and loved, they understand our way of life. 558 more words