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Early 2013, I decided I wanted a cockatiel for my birthday. I came to this realization after spending hours video chatting with my best friend Crystal, who shared with me her delightful cockatiel. 473 more words

The Most Wonderful Bird in the World

Froley is currently waddling on the newspaper I have surrounding his cage. He pecks at minuscule crumbs that I can’t see and makes contented little chirps every so often, which serve to let me know that the coast is clear and no predators are currently stalking the living room. 788 more words


10 Best Pet Birds

  1. Cockatiels
  2. African Grey Parrots
  3. Budgerigars
  4. Cockatoos
  5. Conures
  6. Macaws
  7. Poicephalus
  8. Amazon Parrots
  9. Quaker Parrots
  10. Pionus Parrots

Another day in the life.

Woke up this morning, after being awakened throughout the night with pain. Finally, I decide to give up, and get up for the day. This pleases my four birds: Broly, my big baby, a beautiful normal grey cockatiel, Kiwi, my eccentric and flamboyant pineapple green cheek conure, and last but definitely not least, my two beautiful parakeets Jack and Sally. 50 more words

Feeding my Cockatiel

For video please click here: Feeding Cockatiel Video

** I will update more about this later ;) Thank you.


37. "He's Only Sleeping"

Remember the Monty Python skit of a man in a pet shop complaining about the parrot he just bought?  I saw it again, and that led to this, and other drawings of our feathered friends. 8 more words