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Day 280: The Tile Admirer

When you are small and very pretty and cute, you just never know when or where your admirers may find you.

For example, you could be enjoying your breakfast as usual on the kitchen counter, thinking you and your large featherless assistant are the only ones there, when – PRESTO! 196 more words

Shannon Cutts

I got asked to write this one...

The beast was the king of its domain, and it hunted from the shadows, it’s clawed feet clicking on the hard ground.

It saw it’s prey, and waited for the perfect time to strike. 47 more words

Day 277: Minions with Gifts

Being famous and very cute and pretty comes with many perks.

One of the best perks is that your fans always want to buy you gifts. 258 more words

Shannon Cutts

Throwback Thursday

This is noodles before s/he went his/hers new home.


Day 274: Neck Feathers on Demand

There are so many services offered “on demand” today.

What isn’t as well known is that there are different levels of “on demand.”

For instance, you can place your order with “mild,” “strong,” or even “urgent demand.” 130 more words

Shannon Cutts

Veterinary practice work experience (Townsend)

I completed a single weeks work experience in a small animal veterinary practice in Bromsgrove , England . It’s named Townsend veterinary practice. They own 2 other practices in other local areas which are smaller than the one in Bromsgrove. 437 more words

Veterinary Science