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Cockatiel Escapes Home, Flies Miles Away To Owners’ Fellow Church Member’s Head

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A family feared its beloved pet was gone forever, but on a wing and a prayer, their pet bird is home after getting loose. 266 more words


Day 148: Mr. Fix It

Some beings are just born with a knack for fixing anything shiny.

From a tiny sniffle to a systemic virus, if the shiny thing feels bad, the fastest way to help it feel better is to bring in a being with feathers. 111 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 143: Big Wings!

From time to time, it can be fun to shake things up a bit.

For example, let’s say you are preening as usual on your fluffy blue bathrobe (which your large featherless assistant is wearing for you, so you can have the softest preening perch). 136 more words

Shannon Cutts

lets get these blogs back

I not blogged in which seems ages. I hope all my followers are okay? Well I’ve been in a right stress with this flat one minute we are allowed to stay next we having to move out and allowed to stay wish they make their minds up. 409 more words

Daily Blog


For a dear friend…  Lucky the cockatiel

Steve Ellenburg

In Celebration of Pi Day

Yesterday I ate blueberry pie. That was my celebration. In other news, my weight is now 135 lbs. I still have to lose 10 more lbs. 68 more words

Pet Practicalities

My 15-year-old shepherd mix Sasha is back on prednisone for a cough and on some pain med to see if it helps her mobility with her weakening back legs. 244 more words