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Cleaning up

Yesterday, I cleaned my cockatiel’s cage along with perches and many toys. The three bamboo structures I made, one of which was huge and two of which were high, are all dissembled now. 55 more words


Day 209: The Laptop Bodyguard

Occasionally it happens that more than one being in the same household becomes popular.

This can create an awkward situation if the two popular beings are not friends. 160 more words

Shannon Cutts

The second farewell within a few days

Today, I grabbed my cockatiel Cappuccino and took him to a large aviary. I was so pleased when I received the news that he was welcome there. 444 more words


Happiness and sadness

It’s that time of year where time seems to speed up and life becomes a whirlwind of activities as we head into the final few days of the school year. 480 more words

Day 205: Muffin Meeting

Being famous and feathery can produce a lot of demands on your time.

Sometimes you have to meet all day long just to fit in everyone who wants to see you. 156 more words

Shannon Cutts

Inglot Cockatiel Makeup How-to

I ask my friend “V” what does this make up look like. She said straight away a cockatiel of course! Is that a good thing? but as I already did a make up look called the… 251 more words


Day 203: Laptop Relocation Tactics

Despite have drastically different outer appearances, in certain ways feathered beings and their featherless assistants are surprisingly alike.

Take communications preferences, for example.

Both beings without feathers and beings with feathers naturally gravitate to the household glowing silver thing to expedite communications. 216 more words

Shannon Cutts