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Day 250: Scouting Prey

There is a reason wild predators often claim a larger territory.

If you stay in the same place all the time, the prey get wise to you. 236 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 248: Personalized Paper Towel

These days, it seems like nearly everything can be personalized.

Everyone has a “brand,” a signature style.

But not the lowly paper towel.

Here, it is up to the altruistic amongst us to give the paper towel its day in the sun. 146 more words

Shannon Cutts

A fan of yours: Some adorable photos of birds keeping cool to help you survive the heat

Anyone who’s had to endure a summer in Japan knows just how awful the muggy heat can be. With the rainy season coming to an end and the temperatures steadily rising, there’s no denying summer is finally here. 639 more words


Day 242: The Perfect Poach

In developing a new skill, everyone has to start somewhere.

“Poaching” is no exception.

One day you are a total beginner.

But then the next day, you get a little better. 152 more words

Shannon Cutts

Birds and Tree branches.

We have two very busy happy birds. Such fun watching ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Lunar’ bounce in their new tree branch. They have been busy for over an ┬áhour now exploring. 51 more words


Day 238: Happy Tall Tree Day!

It is always a good day to celebrate the Tall Trees of this world.

After all, they are so very tall.

They can provide the best view of approaching snacks. 179 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 237: Nutritional Fitness

There is nothing like living in an interspecies flock to learn about different approaches to fitness and nutrition.

For example, featherless beings often like to watch fitness activities (on a large comfy seating device) while tending to their nutrition (here, flavorful salty crunchy things are often the nutrition of choice). 174 more words

Shannon Cutts