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Day 343: Green....Eggs?

If you are part of a wild foraging flock of feathered beings, there is a good chance you are all interested in dining on the same types of items. 147 more words

Shannon Cutts

Luna Cheese: A Tiel Rescue Story

A young family dumped her at the Brisbane Bird Vet with a broken leg and refused to pay the bill. They didn’t care. People suck. 249 more words

Day 341: Pearl Celebrates the Tall Tree's Birthday!

Very few feathered beings get their very own dedicated (and portable!) Tall Tree to roost on.

So celebrating another full year of service rates special festivities! 180 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 339: Mango in Training

Part of being a super(bird)model is mentoring newcomers to the field.

For example, if an uppity prop seems a bit too eager to move up the ladder, a bit of wise counsel can sometimes correct the issue. 158 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 338: Going Prop-less

Part of being a successful super(bird)model is learning how to work with different personalities.

For example, some modeling “props” will be humble and shy and honored to work with you. 115 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 335: The Nap Master

From the outside looking in, “napping” seems so easy.

Sadly, this widespread misconception means true “nap masters” are mostly under-appreciated in today’s modern society.

Here, a Nap Master offers rare insight into the ancient art of napping. 90 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 333: Mimosas with Grandma

It is no secret that brunch is the best meal of the day.

Not only is this the meal when waffles (that most divine of delicacies) are most likely to be served, but your large featherless flock is nearly guaranteed to be in a good mood. 141 more words

Shannon Cutts