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No Woody!

Woody Harrelson. So I decided to take an 81 min break and watch a movie. The movie is Zombieland, incredibly violent, asinine, funny as can be and an absolutely awful watch when you’re having dinner (which I was). 110 more words


DM: Nick will pull his horse up to Mara’s and try to talk to her.

Nia: Do I see that happen?

DM: Yeah.

Nia: I pull up between them and I’m like, “Hey, what’s up guys?” And I just start chatting him up, asking about his family and the Golden Sons. 18 more words



Written hours after seeing a girl running on the treadmill who was an exact replica of Taylor Swift in the commercial where she’s sprinting on a treadmill like a Suburban Girl on Black Friday and listening to Drake. 746 more words