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At least I had a good book….

A few weeks ago, while on the Tind, I swiped right on a good-looking guy. I actually swiped right because he reminded me of my childhood crush Dean Cain of Superman fame. 897 more words

Your Happiness is Your Responsibility

When it comes to meeting girls and picking them up, one of the biggest mistakes that most guys make is that they focus solely on one girl.   597 more words


Types of Korean Girls - The Friend


LOOKS: 4 – 8

ONS: 0% – 20%

LTR: Medium desirability

The Friend is not to be mistaken with a girl who puts you in the friend zone, those girls must be stricken from your number list as if they gave you the clap and killed your dog.  1,709 more words


The Biggest Cockblock in Korea

I’ve been all around Korea and both seen and tried innumerable pickups.  I’ve been blown out of the water dozens or even hundreds of times.  Sometimes even the interaction with a girl is going well, I can still be foiled by man’s greatest enemy – the cockblock.  425 more words


Diary of feeling station: Cockblockers association or nah?

Long holidays are lovely. No scratch that they are not, not even. You have to wake up clean, cook and shit. If you are a girl and first born you already know this nhamo. 2,176 more words

The Feeling Itself

Stories for the Grandkids: BFF Edition

There are some stories you know you’ll tell your grandkids one day. I will tell my grandkids about the weekend I claimed myself “eternally grateful” to Lyla and the next night told her, “I’m going to cockblock the shit out of this.” 551 more words