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Stories for the Grandkids: BFF Edition

There are some stories you know you’ll tell your grandkids one day. I will tell my grandkids about the weekend I claimed myself “eternally grateful” to Lyla and the next night told her, “I’m going to cockblock the shit out of this.” 551 more words


The Cockblock

On Sunday, a play that I was in with my group of friends came to a close. However the invitation to the after-party was extended my way, after flirting with Winter’s mate Harry (who is an Etonian! 438 more words


Classfied Operation: Cockblocking Robot

She’s there. She’s just there. I don’t understand it. Five foot one inch tall and every-fucking-where. She breaks physics. At a party, at a bar, on the sidewalk, it doesn’t matter, she’s there. 498 more words


A migraine is the cockblock of writing. - Don

A migraine is the cockblock of writing.

Don Roff

A migraine is the cockblock of writing.

Don Roff


Girl in your Bed? Don't be a White Knight to Yourself.

This story takes place long ago in college… a college where I was so ingrained in a blue pill lifestyle that I started to get a skin tone like Violet Beauregarde post three-course-meal gum in… 632 more words


Operation CockBlock Dicky

The housemate rule of no one back to the house is fantastic. Except when you worry that he might break the rule because he is so desperate to get laid. 19 more words