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Stories for the Grandkids: BFF Edition

There are some stories you know you’ll tell your grandkids one day. I will tell my grandkids about the weekend I claimed myself “eternally grateful” to Lyla and the next night told her, “I’m going to cockblock the shit out of this.” 551 more words


The Cockblock

On Sunday, a play that I was in with my group of friends came to a close. However the invitation to the after-party was extended my way, after flirting with Winter’s mate Harry (who is an Etonian! 438 more words


Classfied Operation: Cockblocking Robot

She’s there. She’s just there. I don’t understand it. Five foot one inch tall and every-fucking-where. She breaks physics. At a party, at a bar, on the sidewalk, it doesn’t matter, she’s there. 498 more words


A migraine is the cockblock of writing. - Don

A migraine is the cockblock of writing.

Don Roff

A migraine is the cockblock of writing.

Don Roff


Girl in your Bed? Don't be a White Knight to Yourself.

This story takes place long ago in college… a college where I was so ingrained in a blue pill lifestyle that I started to get a skin tone like Violet Beauregarde post three-course-meal gum in… 632 more words