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Chapter 43 Logline

Chapter 43–The Vegas Cockblocks

I am pretty sure that this old Asian bag hadn’t been that moist since Emperor Hirohito ordered the strike on Pearl Harbor!

Chapter Loglines

Atheists Cockblock Nativity Scene At The State Capitol

(Omaha World Herald) LINCOLN — There’s no room at the State Capitol this Christmas for a Nativity scene erected by a group that seeks to keep Christ in Christmas.

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Why did friends cockblock?

I was with a group of friends.  We had been hiking for about 3 hours and went to a vineyard and drank a fair amount and got a little rowdy.  110 more words


Keep Bleeding, Keep Keep Bleeding Love

OCTOBER 20, 2014

Over the thanksgiving long weekend I was not so thankful to have gotten my period. It’s such a cruel joke, one of the most horny times for a woman is when she is bleeding like no one’s business. 295 more words


At least I had a good book….

A few weeks ago, while on the Tind, I swiped right on a good-looking guy. I actually swiped right because he reminded me of my childhood crush Dean Cain of Superman fame. 897 more words

Your Happiness is Your Responsibility

When it comes to meeting girls and picking them up, one of the biggest mistakes that most guys make is that they focus solely on one girl.   51 more words


Types of Korean Girls - The Friend


LOOKS: 4 – 8

ONS: 0% – 20%

LTR: Medium desirability

The Friend is not to be mistaken with a girl who puts you in the friend zone, those girls must be stricken from your number list as if they gave you the clap and killed your dog.  46 more words